Goat Simulator

It seems like the Internet loves animals. Since ICanHasCheezburger spawned, cats have been immensely popular, and lately Shiba Inu dogs and birds have been on the rise. However, within the past few months, another animal has been getting a lot of attention, and it’s nature’s own lawnmower: the humble goat.

Coffee Stain Studios released Goat Simulator for PC through Steam to a flurry of mixed reviews regarding its ridiculously random humor, abundance of glitches, and rather simple nature.


There is only one main objective to Goat Simulator: wreck stuff.

It’s safe to say that Goat Simulator is completely filled with glitches. Although game-breaking bugs were removed, graphic glitches were kept simply because they were funny – and they are, up until the point where you have to respawn your goat when you get stuck in a wall.

This game has been compared to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series due to its very open sandbox-style and the fact that you get points for destroying everything in your path. The worlds feel gigantic, and when in doubt, you can always ram something to see what it does. There is also a “ragdoll” button, which lets the game’s physics take over while the goat goes limp, and your goat can lick almost any object and drag it along…or let the object drag the goat, depending on what is being licked.

Jam-packed with Easter eggs, including a King of the Goats feature which allows the player to summon goats to fall from the sky, Goat Simulator’s gameplay is nothing short of absolute fun, at least until the novelty wears off.


I was a little worried at first that Goat Simulator would be nothing but a game centered around a gimmick. Honestly, it is – the game started as a joke within Coffee Stain Studios, and after popular demand, the game was released to the public to mixed reviews that stated that it gets old after a while. However, I find it to be incredibly fun, and everywhere I turned, there was something new to explore and destroy.

Personally, I would give it a 7/10 score. It would be great for a rainy day, and I would recommend it to anybody who doesn’t mind completely ridiculous and plotless video games. However, it isn’t the kind of game I could lose myself in and play for hours, no matter how silly it is.

If Goat Simulator has any grain of truth to it, goats were only put on this planet to cause complete and utter mayhem, and it’s one heck of a ride.

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