Batman: Arkham Asylum

When you think of a favorite super hero, there are many to choose from that makes it a tough choice, however, one hero that may be a fan favorite might be the Caped Crusader himself - Batman. The Bat has been around for decades now, from being just in comic books to television shows, movie franchises, video games and more, and with the arrival of Batman: Arkham Asylum, many fans were hoping for something great. And they were not disappointed.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure video game that was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on August 25, 2009. The game is playable on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and is the first video game installment in the Arkham series.

The Story

Batman has managed to capture The Joker and is transporting the criminal to where he belongs - Arkham Asylum. Once there, The Joker makes an escape, killing guards and taunting Batman along the way, leaving the Caped Crusader to try and stop him. As the Bat ventures further into the asylum, the journey to stop The Joker becomes more dangerous and deadly, especially when a new formula called Titan is brought into play that changes everything.

The Joker isn't Batman's only foe here, though. Arkham Asylum is filled with criminals that he has helped put away, and The Joker is much too excited to have them join in on his fun. Now Batman must not only stop the Clown Prince of Crime, who has a much darker and devious plan than Batman had ever imagined, but classic enemies such as Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and more.


As stated previously, Batman: Arkham Asylum is playable on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and is rated T for Teen. You play from a third-person point of view with the playable character on the screen, the camera being able to revolve around him while doing so. Besides being able to do the usual things like run, jump, climb, and glide from different heights using his cape, Batman has his variety of different gadgets at his disposal - some of which that can only be acquired through gameplay.

The classic Batarang can be used to cut certain hanging objects, stun enemies, or even trigger certain remote objects that would be inaccessible otherwise. As the game goes on, you will have the option to upgrade the batarang, making it into a twin batarang, and after that, a triple batarang. You can also get the remote controlled batarang to aim for those hard to reach places, and also the sonic batarang to lure enemies out or even detonate it and stun them.

Explosive Gel, a gadget acquired through gameplay, is a handy device throughout the game. With it, Batman has the ability to blast down breakable walls or even stun and knock out enemies that come in close contact with it. Again, this is a device that can be upgraded to further improve its handiness.

With the Batclaw, Batman can use this to make elevated air vents accessible and reach for objects that were once out of his reach and pull them towards him. In combat, it can also be used to pull enemies towards you, making it easier to attack them once they stumble over.

The Line Launcher, another device obtained through playing the game, is handy as it helps Batman traverse distances that he might not be able to get to otherwise by gliding and such. It is also handy in combat, as when you are zipping across the line and there are enemies in your way, you're able to kick them down and out of your way.

The Cryptographic Sequencer is another useful gadget that helps Batman greatly throughout the game. When used, it can help Batman unlock doors and override security panels, and can also disable different functions of the asylum. However, some places and panels cannot be unlocked and accessible till a certain point in the game as Batman will need a certain set of codes.

Another handy feature in the game is the use of Batman's Detective Vision. This is a feature that allows Batman to see his surroundings clearly as a blue tint covers the game world, and enemies, civillians, and unconscious or deceased characters are tinted in a red or light blue color even through walls. It also helps the player find helpful clues if they are stuck, and also helps them track down footprints, investigate, and solve riddles and puzzles.

When fighting as the Dark Knight, he can simply attack normally, stun his enemies, or counter their own attacks. This "freeflow" form of combat makes it a quick and smooth fight, and as Batman racks up combo hits, the more deadly his attack becomes. If Batman becomes injured during a fight, his health will be replenished when it is over.

Another feature of the game is the fact that stealth is a main part of it. Batman can silently attack enemies to keep the element of surprise on his side and pick them off one by one to avoid a major fight. By using his grappling gun, Batman can ascend onto high up perches, like gargoyles, and see his enemies from above. By hanging from them, he then can attack them stealthily if they walk underneath him and leave them hanging in his place. From the perches, he can also silently glide down and take down his foes from behind. He can hide in the floor gates to attack from underneath them, or hide behind corners and use batarangs to stun his enemies. In some parts of the game, hiding from enemies will be vital to the game as The Joker's henchmen may kill off hostages should they see Batman out in plain sight.

There is also downloadable content available for the game, which is made up of challenge maps for the the Bat who can then test his abilities using them. The Joker is also a playable character in the DLC combat and stealth challenge maps, but only for Playstation 3. The Joker has his own weapons just like the Dark Knight, like exploding chattering teeth, a hand gun, and x-ray glasses that help him see through walls.


I found the graphics to be of amazing quality for the game. My choice to play the game on is my laptop, and even then Arkham Asylum and the characters in it were brought to life on the screen. The textures are visually pleasing to the eye and the character designs leave almost nothing to be desired for me.


I have to admit that I'm not the biggest Batman fan out there. I enjoy watching his movies and old cartoon television shows, but that was about it till I started to play this game. I found everything about it to be amazing - from the graphics to the combat, characters, and storyline. I was completely sucked into the game and finished it within a day or two. The voice acting was phenomenal and the plot was original and addicting. This game has made me a complete fan of the Arkham series and Batman and his world. For this game, I'll be rating it a 9/10 for being so addictive and fresh, even when you're playing it for the millionth time, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone to try out - whether you be a fan of the Caped Crusader or not. It's a game that you don't want to miss out on.

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