The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Comments

  • Brian Haner Jr

    Brian Haner Jr (100)

    I just finished this game two days ago - all aspects - and my mind is blown. What an amazing experience! I gained an addiction for Gwent(annoyed that the trophy doesn't fire - I have all the cards but it won't give me the trophy! Disgust) and I spent more money and time than is probably acceptable at the Plassifora tehe And the beard growth, I loved that touch - even if I always shaved it off the second it got too long XD

    For my first playthrough, I was good!guy!Geralt - never taking money for bad news given and always siding with the good guys. I really loved the character development too and how the NPC's react to Geralt. I pretty much loved everyone - the only person I couldn't stand was Yen. Booo. Broke that romance off asap when it's made pretty clear she treats him like nothing more than an unwanted pet. I should have told Triss I loved her! Twitch

    That aside - I love this game and am more than happy with the price I paid for the collectors edition - $220. The figure I got of Geralt vs a griffin is awesome. Worth it!

    I highly recommend this game to everyone, whether they're seasoned gamers or casuals. Everyone's sure to love it.

    (Love the name, by the way tehe And that game.)
    June 8th, 2015 at 02:24am