Wonderful Wonderland

Wonderful Wonderland Yesterday I went to go see Alice In Wonderland. Tim Burton is my favorite director of all time. I think he is amazing, and gets the awe that he deserves.

I found Alice in Wonderland.... Good. There was nothing too special about it, but I did love the different point of view on this movie. I loved how it was original, but a sequel. There was a new element that I found inspiring.

Inspiring. That is the main word I would use to describe this film. It was much more inspiring than great, in my opinion. I thought the new plot, the new takes on the characters, the whole fresh plot and moral to the story was inspirational.

The beginning is normal enough, a youthful girl with a nightmare, and a father comforting her. Then it progresses to the day of the party, where she is lured to the hole which goes to Wonderland. From there she meets the characters, and discovers the oh-so changed Wonderland. The place was more sad than wonderful, but Alice's destiny is a spark of hope.

Alice's awkward charm was somewhat vivid throughout the movie and I found her character much different In the original, well cartoon version I found her rather snobbish, and unimaginative. In this take of the story I found her character more suiting for the movie.

The Queen of Hearts was an amazing character, too. She was still big headed and selfish, but in this I found her much more relatable. I am not being biased because Helena is my favorite actress ever either. The background of her was sad and more human than just a spoiled queen, which she still was.

The Mad Hatter was great. I loved his insanity. In this it was more than him being mad as a well, hatter, but he was mad in both ways. He was angry and nuts. His dance in the end made the movie come together, believe it or not.

Finally is the cat. The Cheshire Cat is an awesome character. He is a bit loony in this movie, as much as the original. His odd, minor obsession with the Hatter's hat is amusing and that too, made the character great.

I loved the freshness, the characters, the whole idea, and I have to say; this is a wonderful Wonderland.

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