True Grit: The Remake

I loved the first movie, so I went into this one thinking they would do a bad job, as most remakes do. The most recent example of this being The Day The Earth Stood Still. The first one, which was in black and white, was far superior. Let's face it: We're not really good at making remakes.But, this one was perfection.

True Grit shows how versatile an actor Matt Damon is. I'm used to him in movies like the Bourne Trilogy, or the Ocean's movies.  The cast for this movie was perfect. Jeff Bridges is perfect as Rooster Cogburn, and you can almost not tell it's Matt Damon as LeBoeuf (pronounced LeBeef). Haliee Steinfeld portrays the unafraid tomboy perfectly, also.

Now, there are some small differences, Such as:  Line changes, which can be expected of a remake.  LeBoeuf starts out with them, but he and Rooster get into a fight, and they part ways, only to meet again. Unlike in the original, where he stays with the party.  Maddie loses her arm to the snake bite, instead of keeping it, but it's being close to crippled in the original.  LeBoeuf doesn't die, which, I mean, come on: Matt Damon never dies! And if he did, the actor who killed him would be Public Enemy #1.  There might be more, but those are the ones I remember the best.

I was also surprised at the humor in it! Maddie had sassy, funny lines, that made you think "Oh, snap!" about the guy she said them too. Also, LeBoeuf and Rooster were at each others throats a lot, and their fights were hilarious.

I just love the plot behind this story: A young tomboy who wants to avenge her father's death, and impresses the men she is traveling with to find the man who did the deed.  Chalk one up for girl-power.

I recommend this to everyone. There is one sort of disturbing scene, where Rooster shoots a man in the face, and I looked away. Everything else was them being shot in the chest, or shoulder.  If you haven't read the book, or seen the original: No worries, it will still be a great movie.  If you have ether read the book, or seen the original movie: This is a must see. The directors just pulled it off so well, and it is really a masterpiece.

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