"Footloose" Remake Lives Up To The Hype

In these days, there is no shortage in Hollywood 80’s remakes, but very few of them succeed in capturing the same emotions and ‘bam’ that was caught when the original had been released years before. Writer-director Craig Brewer, in his remake of Footloose, captured the ‘bam’ factor.

He manages to give entertaining and emotional moments that speak to the modern crowd, while still appealing to the original 1984 fans. With minor differences to storyline and a huge addition of sex appeal, it’s what the average moviegoer should be expecting, if he or she is expecting a teenage drama with excessive dancing and heartbreaking relationships.

The premise remains the same, with Boston cityboy Ren McCormack (Kenny Wormald) moving to the small town of Bomont, Georgia. In the original movie, Bomont was in Utah. McCormack soon comes to find that Bomont, however small, has outlawed public dancing. Brewer’s Footloose even adds a realistic version of the dance ban caused by five local teenagers dying in a car accident after an alcoholic dance party.

The dance ban is challenged by McCormack alongside his best friend Willard (Miles Teller) and a wandering eye that leads to Ariel (Julianne Hough), the daughter of the same Reverend Moore (Dennis Quaid) who lost his son in the accident that caused the ban.

The movie tends to go its own way from there, with modern music and dance moves, generated to appeal to the MTV generation. The dance sequences are fun, and well filmed by Brewer. Modernizing the film was a major challenge, given that it is especially hard to justify in a modern setting, since parents now have to worry about much more than dancing and loud music.

Brewer’s Footloose may not live up to its precedent, but it’s still a pretty good remake. It’s sincere, humorous, enjoyable, and worth a watch. For those wanting a teenage heartthrob dance filled drama, then Footloose (2011) may be the movie for you.

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