Ted: Just Comedy or Too Much Crude Humor?

The premise of this 2012 film here is that as a kid John never had friends, he was an outcast. For Christmas, his parents get him a teddy bear who becomes the best friend John never had, time flies and at thirty-something John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) still lives with the talking bear that magically came to life when he was a kid due to his wish. Now they're stuck in a bromance. The world around it doesn't mind a talking, walking teddy bear and when Ted and John sit on the couch and laugh, the scene is played completely straight getting plenty of attention.

I expected a lot from this film and it gave me just that. It makes you continually laugh because of the homosexual jokes, racist jokes, and aside all that we have a pot-smoking teddy bear who is filthy mouthed. So of course we might expect crude humor and it's Seth Mcfarlene who can make jokes about everything.

A lot of critics said the film was "not satisfying" because they made fun of people with Lou Gehrig disease which is a very serious disease some people have or can get later on. They also mentioned the jokes were cruel while others thought it was just right. If you don't take offensive words lightly then this film isn't for you.

It actually had some touching parts because John's girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis), likes Ted but also wants to be a bigger part of John's life. Wahlberg and Kunis are so funny and sweet together that John's dilemma becomes a fair and fully realized one: how can he balance loyalty to a friend he still appreciates while also fully committing to the woman he's come to love?

Overall, the film is amazing and definitely worth a watch. Especially, if you need good laughs.

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