Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a hilarious new comedy that is sure to have you buckling over in laughter.


Anna Kendrick stars as Becca, a new college student with a passion for music. Kendrick did an excellent job with her performance and embodied everything that Becca was supposed to be.

Brittany Snow plays Chloe, the sweet, kind-hearted member of The Bellas, whom Becca soon befriends. Snow was absolutely adorable and did an amazing job with her role.

Anna Camp plays Aubrey, the determined leader of The Bellas. Camp was both funny and mean-spirited, with just the right amount of attitude to leave the audience wondering if they were supposed to love her or hate her.


Becca, a bright, talented girl, must attend college per her father’s request, even though her dream is to pursue a career editing music in the music industry. After a few weeks of adjusting to school, Becca meets Chloe, an active member of the school’s female acapella singing team, The Bellas. Chloe recruits Becca to become a member, but Becca and Aubrey have different ideas about what it takes to win. Aubrey wants to stick with old songs and moves, but Becca believes the girls need to be different if they want to win the National Competition.


Pitch Perfect was a fun, hilarious comedy that was everything I expected and more. The acting was amazing and the choreography was superb. Even the singing was better than I expected. The film was filled with hilarious jokes and many different comical situations. Each character brought their own bits of comedy to the film, which made it excel in excellence. I recommend this move to anyone who is a fan of shows like Glee, or anyone who is looking for a good comedy.

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