Meeting Evil

Meeting Evil is a 2012 thriller, based on the novel by the same name.


The film stars Luke Wilson as John Felton, a family man who has recently been fired from his job. Wilson did an excellent job with his role, and I would say this is the best performance he has had in a long time. The film’s costar is the brilliant Samuel L. Jackson, with his character, Richie. Jackson’s character is a snarky, sarcastic spit-fire with a lot of secrets.


The film follows John Felton as he returns home from work after being fired from his job. He gets in a fight with his wife, who leaves with the kids to “get some air”. With his family gone, John takes a breather, pondering over his failing marriage and career, when a strange man knocks on his door. The man introduces himself as Richie, and asks John for some help with his car. After an accident causing injury to John, Richie agrees to take John to the hospital to get treated, but John soon learns that is not Richie’s true intentions.


To put it simply, I loved this film. The acting was phenomenal, and Jackson’s character really drew me in. The plot was well-done, with just enough action and drama to keep my attention. I recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good, well-developed thriller.

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