The Purge

The Purge is certainly a different type of horror movie with a very twisted concept. The idea is that the United States government on every March 21st from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., all laws are not in effect and all emergency services have been shut down. It is a night for people to "cleanse their souls" of their anger toward certain people and go out and kill anyone, burn down buildings, or anything else they can think of. This night has made the U.S. a better place with violence and unemployment rates at an alltime low.

The movie centers around a family, the Sandons, as they hold out in their secured home. Their young son, Charlie, despises the night and when he sees a man seeking refuge in the street, he disarms the home to let the stranger in. The man disappears in the house and, while the family searches for him, a group of young men and women in masks surround the home. Their leader comes to the front door to talk to the Sandons, claiming they have given salvage to the man they are after. If the Sandons don't hand the man over, the group will break into the home and get him--and the Sandons--themselves.

My personal review for the movie would be a 4/5. Not a nightmare-causer, but definitely a movie that gets you thinking, "what if this was real?"

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