Rush is one of many films based on the true stories of the greatest Formula 1 drivers in history. This film tells the story of the rivalry between James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). It shows the truth of their rivalry and how things were different on the surface.

The way Rush was filmed is excellent and shows the personalities of both men in great detail. There's a lot more emphasis on Luada's traits as he is the narrator; all we really see of Hunt is the rebellious, charming playboy with a big temper. The emphasis on the cars and the passion is thrilling. The sounds are exciting and thrilling, it's like actually being at a Grand Prix race.

Danger is one of the bigger themes in the movies, and I think it could've been represented better. There is talk of danger and the risks drivers take every time they get into their car, but I think there could've been more to emphasise that risk.

The music and on screen text seemed to fit in with the era nicely. The race dates and winners appeared on the screen in 70's retro style text, which looked really brilliant.

The film does a brilliant job at explaining the story of Luada and Hunt's rivalry. It did a brilliant job of showing that the rivalry was motivation and respect. Very little original archive footage was used, but when it was it was like a reality check, that Luada did endure that agony and their story is true. Quotes from the two men were used in the film, which is also a big eye opener.

The acting in Rush was fantastic. The only criticism I can give is the crash scene, where Lauda is in the burning wreckage of his car. I feel Brühl's acting is dry and emotionless. His reaction doesn't seem to reflect his injury. However, during his treatment his acting is simply amazing. The scene where Lauda tries to force his helmet onto his burnt head bought tears to my eyes. His relationship with his wife and the anger he feels while watching Hunt win "his points" is so realistic.

Hemsworth is definitely the actor for the job when it comes to Hunt. He's sexy and gets all the girls, very much like Hunt. He represents Hunt's attitude towards racing and women and Lauda brilliantly. Sometimes I think he takes cocky a little too far, not so much at the beginning because obviously he didn't have the same respect for Lauda then, but later on it's slightly too much.

As a young Formula 1 fan, Rush showed that Formula 1 hasn't always been as safe as it is today and that it will never be casualty free. It also shows the great importance of rules and how teams would try and rat each other out. The little things that might not mean much to just watchers - like the car Lauda drives in his first race back and his love of jets - are so effective because there just little hints of the future and the damage done to the car.

All in all, Rush is a must see film, whether you know the story of Lauda and Hunt or not. Formula 1 is a sexy sport and it's just fascinating to watch. Rush captures all the important elements of the sport beautifully. The acting is brilliant and very powerful. Rush has to be one of the greatest Formula 1 biographies in years.

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