What happens when you make a wish, it comes true and now you want to take it back? That's what happens in the popular cult classic starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

Sarah Williams (Connelly) becomes frustrated when she finds out she must babysit her baby step-brother. As a result she wishes the goblins would take him away. Toby disappears and then she is confronted by the goblin king Jareth (Bowie). He tells her that he will keep Toby forever if Sarah doesn't solve his Labyrinth within 13 hours.

Sarah starts her quest where she faces several challenges. After being trapped, she is freed by a coward and grumpy golbin names Hoggle. She later meets a kind beast name Ludo and a brave fox named Sir Didymus. Later she falls into a trance after Hoggle gives her a peach Jareth forced him to give her. In that trance she is in a ball where she dances with Jareth, but later focuses on her mission. She and her friends defeat a army of goblins.

Finally after they enter the castle, Sarah decides to finish on her own. She encounters Jareth and demands he returns her brother. Jareth offers for her to stay and let him rule her, but Sarah breaks free by saying "You have no power over me". She and Toby are then returned home. The film ends with Sarah reunited with her friends celebrating her victory.

This film is a really enjoyable film. They is a ton of comedy and action in this film. Also this film teaches that you can be at a stage between young and grown but not ready to be an adult. Also David Bowie gives a memorable performance in this film. I recommened this film to anyone.

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