Constantine was released in 2005 as an occult fiction and action-thriller. Based off the Hellblazer comics, the film takes on the story of John and his dangerous venture to earn salvation from eternal damnation. Making up for the mistakes in his youth and struggling to purify himself, the story of John, played by Keanu Reeves, is one full of twists and turns.


Born with the ability to see and speak to angels and demons, John Constantine struggles to live with this power. In his youth, John tries to commit suicide and fails. Though declared dead for two minutes, he recalls—prior to waking up—that his soul was in Hell where time moves differently. He swears he was there for more than a lifetime.

Upon being resuscitated, John promises to gain back favor from Heaven as his soul is eternally bound to Hell for the sin of trying to take his life (or for succeeding for two minutes).

Dying of lung cancer, John struggles to gain some more time to pay for his sins. Regardless of all these events in his life, John rids the evil that possesses the innocent upon Earth. Throughout his many contracts, John begins to notice a shift in demonic possession. A perfect example being a demon trying to find a physical form outside of his host which is simply not possible.

During this time, Detective Angela Dodson begins to have visions of death. The next morning, she finds her twin sister dead after having jumped from the top of a hospital building. Knowing that something is wrong with the balance of this world and in complete denial of her sister's suicide, Angela finds John, the two having an immediate, spiritual connection.

Soon after coming to terms with the odd happenings on Earth, John and Angela delve into the insidious plot of Lucifer trying to send his demon army to the surface in hopes of reclaiming Earth as his own kingdom.


There's no doubting how much I love Keanu Reeves. He's the most hottest thing on the planet and if you're excluding all the cheesy stuff he's been in regarding romance and comedy, I think he's an A+ actor for action-thriller.

I remember having this on my Netflix list for a long time. Or so I believe it was Netflix. But knowing my luck, I didn't even get time to watch it until last week. I thought I was doomed to be bored for the rest of eternity when visiting my grandmother, but thank god for the TV channels playing something good for once on a Sunday.

When I heard of the plot from a close friend regarding Constantine, I was very iffy. It sounded like a mouthful and almost hints of a romance between Angela and John. Let me just say that I'm glad noting happened between the two though it was obvious she had clear feelings for him.

Chemistry plays in favor of these two characters. For the most part, they have a very professional relationship that digs deeper into the problem at hand. From beginning to end, it's true that Constantine will hold your attention with extreme exorcisms, action-packed fun, and a thrilling ride that'll probably make your eyes bleed happiness for such an elegant portrayal of worlds colliding.

I wouldn't call this a horror as a few of my family members considered it. Maybe it's the fact that I don't get scared of anything, but for the more sensitive souls out there, just consider this a thriller with a few jump scares (to which I suggest you lower the volume). Try not to miss out on the small things like I did! I re-watched it a few other times only to find out so many more secrets to John Constantine's life.

Without spoiling them nor the characters that co-exist beside him, I'd like to say that to truly understand this, you'll either have to watch it by yourself without blinking or to watch it a few times just to get the gist of the plot as well as the hidden meaning behind each scene. And there's no doubting Keanu Reeves will help you through it all!

Though he's just as distracting with that beautiful face of his.

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