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    I love your perspective! I disagree that the film was lackluster. Honestly, it was like a escapist dream for me. I’d heard, just like you, about how the film was “amazing”, but I waited just until last year to see it on TV with my great grandmother. I WISH I hadn’t! This was the type of film that made me kick myself for not buying a ticket to go and see it, because I think it would have been an amazing movie experience for me to have it unfold on the big screen. But I didn’t believe the hype and I’m often a cynic who is set in their ways (which I’ve change immeasurably since then! Now I go give every movie that’s playing in my local theater a chance, because I never know what might just be that one film that takes me away completely into their world and jnspires me afterwards to create and pursue my passions!). I wish I had believed the hype! I’m not a musical person, but I loved the whimsical, fantasy aspect of the film. How they updated old school Hollywood’s filmmaking to make it seem like something new for today’s audiences who might have forgot or not been familiar with the past way of how American films used to go (like me lmboooo. I watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for thr first time recently and was blown away at how the drama and the musical numbers seemed to go so much in hand that I didn’t know what to call it’s genre of film). I think the movie was definitely for dreamers as well as just to revive and revamp and reintroduce a cinematic style that noone’s really using right now! Enjoyed reading your review!
    April 16th, 2018 at 04:07pm