The Best Years

The Best Years The Best Years is an amazing show following the character of Samantha Best as she enters a new world and makes new friends and love interest.

Samantha Best grew up in one of the roughest Boston foster care systems after she lost her parents (later found out to be adoptive) and her Uncle Pat abandoned her. She buried herself in her books and eventually got a full scholarship to the fictional college called Charles University.

Upon arriving to Charles University she immediately hits a snag, she can't pay for her meal plan - luckily her roommate Kathryn Klarner (her-nice-turned-evil-turned-nice-again roommate) helps her pay for it at first.

Drama tends to follow Samantha around, her first week of College consisted of a guy falling off a roof and dying. Her first semester consisting of suicidal friends, over-protective boyfriends, accidentally kissing her best friends crush, and even being turned purple by her once evil roommate.

I suppose it is all a part of life as Samantha Best.

The first season is coming to a close. You can see re-runs of the show on The-N. There is only one more episode left in the first season. Catch the Season Finale on Friday September 21 on The-N.

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