Supernatural Supernatural is a hit TV show on the CW channel, starring the extremely attractive demon hunting brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), tackling such mythical creatures as shape shifters, werewolves, reapers and vampires whilst dealing with family issues and the constant struggle of defining the difference between good and evil.

Despite the name, and the advertising slogan “Scary Just Got Sexy,” which makes the show sound like a horror drama involving very little clothes, the show isn’t anything like that. There is enough gore to keep the horror fanatics happy, and not enough flesh on show so the avid fan girls tune in every week for that fateful glance of the Winchester’s stomachs when they take a tumble whilst fighting the bad guys.

The show also has humour to it, with many one liners and wisecracks to have you in hysterics before screaming in horror, and an amazing soundtrack from such legendary bands as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Blue Oyster Cult. Hot guys kicking ass whilst listening to an equally kick-ass soundtrack? Could life be better?

Season One kicks off with a small clip of the Winchesters life in 1983, with their parents John and Mary Winchester in Laurence, Kansas. Main man Dean is around the age of four, and Sam is only six months old to the day. Once the household is asleep, Mary wakes up alone in her bed, and her maternal instincts kick in, and she goes to check on Sammy, and mistakes the figure beside the bed as her husband. Heading back to bed, she hears the buzz of the TV downstairs and heads down a few of the steps before seeing her husband asleep on the sofa, and runs up to save her son from the stranger in his nursery.

A petrified scream awakes John, and when he arrives into his child’s room, he is presented with the horrific sight of his wife, somehow stuck to the ceiling with her stomach slashed and barely breathing. The room bursts into flames, and John barely manages to get Sam and Dean out of the house before the flames got to them, but unfortunately Mary Winchester died due to the fire.

Fast forward 22 years, and we’re at Stanford University, and are presented with the recently matured innocent looking Sam Winchester, and his girlfriend, Jessica Moore. The night is 31st October - Halloween. After returning from a party to celebrate that day, Sam is woken up in the night, familiar to his mothers disturbed sleep, and heads into the front room where he begins to fight with a shadowed figure.

It soon becomes clear that the two men know each other, and we are introduced to the cheeky-smiled ‘boy your mother warned you about’ Dean Winchester. There is obvious tension between the boys as they begin to talk, and Jessica appears. Dean mentions the words “Dad” and “Hunting trip” and Sam freezes, and asks Jessica to excuse them as they talk, completely forgetting his honesty policy with Jessica from moments before.

The Winchester Brothers are soon outside, beside Dean’s amazing 1967 Chevrolet Impala that he inherited from their father, and Dean explains how their dad has been on a hunting trip, not the usual of deer etc, but supernatural creatures, and hasn’t returned. Sam agrees to go to their last known location of their father, but has to return on the Monday. The hunt goes well overall, creating a stronger bond between the brothers.

Once returning to a quiet apartment, Sam lies back onto the bed, before feeling a drip of blood fall on his head. Opening his eyes, he sees Jessica pinned to the ceiling just like his mother, and like she was in the recurring dream Sam had been having, but kept it to himself. Dean comes in to save the day like Superman, apart from his underwear is worn on the inside, and drags Sam out of the burning room. Sam tells his brother that he wants to go back hunting with him, and find his dad before killing the Yellow Eyed Demon (also known as YED) that had killed his mother and his girlfriend.

We are soon informed that Sam has been having these ‘dreams’ but not normal dreams. These are the kind of dreams which always seem to end up happening, and result in deaths with a supernatural connection. Along the road, the boys struggle to deal with the sudden physic power Sam has gained, unsure of its purpose, but helping them save innocent people overall.

The end of Season leaves us seeing the brothers re-united with their father, and loaded with the Colt - The only weapon that can kill a demon, and driving in the ‘67 before the car being totalled by a truck, with a possessed driver. Will any of our Winchester’s survive?

Season two starts off with Dean wandering around the hospital, wearing one of the hospitals pyjama sets (I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have preferred a backless gown for obvious viewing pleasures) and it soon become obvious that this is not the Dean we instantly fell in love with during Season One, and soon find out his body is lying in a bed, relying on a life support machine with little luck whilst his spirit is unable to return to the body and awaken it.

Its seems like Little Sammy is going to loose his big brother, and many fan girls are going to loose their weekly dose of the Ackles if some one doesn‘t swoop in and stop it. Daddy Winchester saves the day by trading his soul and the Colt with YED for Dean to live and making the boys orphans in the process.

After their fathers death, the brothers vow with much more determination to kill the YED, who is slowly ripping part their family, whilst saving as many innocent people as possible, and meeting more people with powers like Sam. The end of season two we run into YED again, who has captured Sam, along with Andy, Ava, Jake and Lilly.

YED reveals to the youngest Winchester how he is the favourite to lead the physic ‘children’ he is locked with, whilst slipping in that he poisoned Sam with Demon blood on the night his mother died. But ambition overflows one of the other ‘children,’ Jake, and he goes all Macbeth on Sam’s ass - killing him so he could be the chosen one.

A distraught Dean trades his soul with a crossroads demon like his father did, for Sam to be alive, and Dean leaving with just one year to live, and being unable to tell Sam of the sacrifice he has made for his brother. The brothers soon catch up to YED, being able to kill him, and Jake, - but at a price. Within their fight to cross off the main thing on their to-do list, the gates to hell were opened, and it was deemed to be the end of the world. But is it? Supernatural creator Erik Kripke harshly made us wait until Season Three to find out…

With YED dead, what could go wrong? Season Three proves that a hell (No pun intended) of a lot could happen. Some of the most dangerous demons have been released, after spending centuries in hell, and they’re wreaking havoc on the world. Bad huh?

Season three has the return of some old characters, ‘Ghost Hunters’ Harry and Ed, Gordon the Vampire Slayer who could give Buffy a run for her money anyday and the Trickster to name a few, and not to mention some amazing new additions to the cast, such as Bela Talbot, a girl with her eye on the money, and the habit of screwing the brothers over when it comes to hunts and Ruby, a Demon they let out of hell and is on the Human’s side rather than the demons in the war.

Sam soon endangers his and Dean’s safety by having several ‘friendly’ chats with Ruby. Ruby’s got her uses though, informing the brothers that YED’s replacement - Lilith - is convinced that Sam is going to become the new demon leader and she wants him dead.

Majority of the 3rd season is based around Dean’s deal, and them trying to find a way to break it. After the death of YED, Sam’s powers have stopped yet Ruby is trying to convince him to use them without YED’s help. Dean is insisting on Sam staying ‘human’ and for Sam to just let go of his brother, but for the second request, Sam’s as willing to let go as a baby is to candy. Although the main theme of the season is Dean’s Deal, there are some scary and exciting episodes, and some which will have you in stitches whenever you hear ‘Heat Of The Moment’ by Asia. Plus, this season appears to have an episode for every occasion - a special Christmas and Halloween episodes are featured.

As Season Four is coming to the end, the main question on avid viewers minds is “Will Season Four answer any questions left on a cliff hanger from the last seasons?” And I believe it will, but only to leave many more open whilst we have to wait for Season Five to get the desired answers.

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