The Vampire Diaries: Too Modified ?

The Vampire Diaries: Too Modified ? The Vampire Diaries started as a trilogy of books, and in 2009 became a show on the CW. The books were about an intense love triangle between two vampires and a human. From looks to characters, the books have been changed into this phenomenal televising series. However, have they changed the books too much?

In the book, Elena Gilbert is a completely different person. Even her looks - golden hair and ocean eyes - have changed into the gorgeous Nina Dobrev's brunette hair and chestnut eyes. In the first book, Elena is number one on the top of her school's foot chain. However, in the show she is more timid, a bit broken if you will, from her parents' recent death (In the book her parents had died years ago, and I personally prefer the nicer Elena from the show). Along with that, her Jeremy from the beloved show, is nonexistent, but instead is a little sister.

Next comes the ending. In the first season the ending is Elena almost dying, but in the book Elena forgets Stephan and thinks she is in love with Damon.

Another thing is Damon Salvatore. Damon: the tall, dark, and handsome vampire we all love. That stayed the same, but his role in it is much different. In the book, Elena loathes Damon, but is intrigued by him, while in the show she is neutral about him. In the book, his exigence for Elena Gilbert is much more strong, to the point where it seems to be an obsession, while in the show it seems as if it is more of a game to him than anything.

Personally, I think I prefer the show's character over the books'. I like the plot much better, but in my opinion Elena is insane. She's like Regina Gorge goes cartoon villain. Her want - need for Stephan is too much. The drama from Caroline seems so important to her, but Stephan being immortal is no big deal, nor is Damon having the will and ability to kill her.

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