Sad Animes

In no particular order, anime's you must watch when you're just having one of those days you want to have a good cry. The rating is for how sad the anime as a whole was:

Clannad: After Story (10/10):

This was a sequel to Clannad. Basically, in short, it is when Nagisa and Tomoya are officially a couple. Everything starts all rainbows and roses. The first half was filled with laughs -Nagisa's parents were beyond hilarious, but as it comes to an end, it becomes more of a tear-jerker with the trials that Tomoya has to face. It completely changes from adorable and cute to depressing, making top of the most emotional animes I have ever watched. This anime was heart-breaking and I definitely recommend it.

Naruto (8/10):

This is the story of a young boy with the nine tails fox demon inside him. Shunned by everyone in the village for that, Naruto finds himself alone and lonely constantly singing the same old "I'm going to become Hokage" song throughout the anime -not literally. Naruto is mostly a shoujen anime, but has it's many sad moments. Almost every character has a tragic background story, which makes it painful to watch. The soundtrack also added to the tearful episodes. After watching the first episode, I found myself wiping a tear from my face, but that was mainly because I'm an oversensitive person.

EF: A Tale of Memories (6/10):

There were three different romantic stories throughout the anime. The main female characters were Miyako, Kei and Chihiro. Personally, I found the love story between Chihiro and Renji (her love interest) the most emotional. Chihiro was suffering from a brain damage, which meant that she could not remember anything that hapenned after 13 hours. This made their relationship really hard. Their story aroused feelings of unadulterated anguish inside me. However, there were parts about it I found confusing so for that reason, I did not give it a higher rating.

Elfen Lied(8/10):

In short, it is about a new species of human called the diclonius who have extra invisible arms and horns on their heads. They kept locked up and experimented on, but one of them (Lucy) manages to escape and gets shot in the head as she tries to do so. This leads to her memory loss. She loses her ability to speak properly and at some point even wets herself. The government starts looking for her and that is when my heart begins to break. At first it was too gorey for me. I was left quite speechless after a few minutes into the first episode. It was rather gruesome, but I was able to look past that and enjoy the sad moments the characters had to go through, obviously crying alongside them. The ending was also very interesting.

AIR (10/10):

It was a fantasy anime and very emotional too. In this anime, there was a boy travelling from town to town continuing the family search for a girl with wings. He finally gets to a town and meets a young girl, Misuzu, who takes him into her home. They get closer as the anime progresses, but at the end he learns more about her and realizes that she is no normal girl. The plot was brilliant and sad. I found myself with a lump on my throat throughout most of the anime, only to end up crying. This was not as sad Clannad, but it was just as amazing. There were less episodes in this as well.

The anime's above were very sad, and also a few others I may not have mentioned such as Blood+. Personally, I found these anime's very emotional and tragic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree, even if you have an anime you find sad as well that I may have not mentioned.

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