Romantic Animes

Most people enjoy the occasional cheesy romantic anime with a cute happy ending. So I taken it upon myself to make a list of 5 romantic anime's. They were chosen at random and will be rated according to how much I liked them:

Itazura na Kiss (3.5/5):

Kotoko is completely and utterly in love with a guy called Naoki. He is perfect in every way: great at sports, school and incredibly handsome (I've seen better). Anyway, in an attempt to make her feelings known, she wrote him a love letter and get this, he rejected it in front of everyone! Kotoko's house is crushed in an earthquake and it just so happens that Naoki and Kotoko's dads are close friends.

Kotoko and her father temporarily move into Naoki's house. Living under the same roof as the high school crush who rejected her proves to be a challenge. Miraculously, though, love blossoms.

Though the plot may not sound it, this anime kind of had a realistic approach on romance, emphasise on kind of. It was not all rainbows and roses and deep inside I wish it had been more superficial because it was brutally honest about relationships -in my opinion. There were many sad moments and some good ones here and there. I was also able to laugh at some of the scenes so overall, it was a good anime. Watching this was like an emotional rollercoaster. My rating lowered because I genuinely disliked Naoki. He was such a

Moving on...

Kaichou wa Maid-sama (5/5)

Before I give a summary of this anime, I just want to say "You have to watch this!"

It is based in a high school which had once been an all-boys school. As a result, the boys were the majority and girls lived in constant fear, because they were literally completely powerless against them. That is when Misaki, the female student council president, aimed to put order at the school and took time to instill obedience in the hearts of the once rebellious students. However, she has a secret. She works at a maid café. Usui, an extremely hot (he kind of is too) and popular guy finds out about her secret and gains an interest in her.

I have one word for it, hilarious. I think I had a reason to laugh at every single episode. It was a brilliant anime and I enjoyed it so much. I am more than certain that you will too. The romance wasn't bombarded onto the watcher and the pace was really good. I definitely recommend this anime.

Peach Girl (3/5)

Since Momo used to swim her skin tanned easily and her hair bleached. Everyone around her labelled her 'easy' and she was stereotyped for the way she looked despite it being untrue. People distanced themselves from her. She found herself with only one friend, Sae. Unfortunately, her "so-called" friend was in fact the one who gave her a bad name by backstabbing her. When the going gets tough, Momo finds herself in a relationship with a guy she has loved for like forever, but jealous Sae finds a way to sabotage it as well as Momo's life as a whole.

My thoughts of the anime, I think the author was aiming to make the watchers dislike every single character because by the end of the anime, I did. There was too much drama going on and I hated Sae with a passion -so did everyone else on youtube who was watching it (I'm sure of it). I try not to be a hater, but it was hard not to. It was almost impossible. The fact that I did not stop watching it half way says a lot though. I guess even with the annoying characters, I found myself completely hooked. The storyline really did it for me and there were some really deep themes in it. It also kept me guessing who Momo would end up with after she had been caught in a love triangle.

Special A (4/5)

Hikari and her childhood friend Kei are eternal rivals. Ever since she lost miserably to him during a wrestling match, she swore to eventually beat him one day. Despite coming from a not-so-wealthy family, she follows Kei into an extremely expensive school so that she can fulfill her promise. She challenges him at everything and at the same time remains oblivious to the fact that he loves her, the idiot.

First of all, I wish there was more romance. As a whole, this anime was great and I definitely recommend it. There were many funny moments and there was also this cute moment where... I can't tell you. You have to watch it for yourself. You won't regret it. It really is a nice and enjoyable anime.

Karin (4/5)

Last but certainly not least, Karin. This was an anime about a vampire who produced blood. She was a blood maker, not blood sucker -see what I did there? Moving on, one day a new guy joined her school and she found herself making more blood whenever he was too close -when she makes too much blood she has a heavy nosebleed, with blood bursting out of her nose like a fountain.

In an attempt to avoid him by all means, she kept her distance, but that is when she finds out that he in fact is a new employee at her workplace. It doesn't take him long to find out her secret. He doesn't freak out when he does either so Karin's family take a chance on him so that Karin can be helped when she has an 'outburst' since her vampire family members are not immune to the sun -that was a long sentence. In the end, they end up falling in love with each other.

I loved it. I loved this anime so much. It was so romantic and had everything I was searching for. I found it enjoyable and very funny nearing the end. I rated it lower, however, because the graphics were not all that great, but they were good nonetheless.

Some animes I may have ommitted are Earl and Fairy. I highly recommend that. Many people put Fruits Basket in the romantic category, but I personally think that the manga is the romantic one as opposed to the anime. Inuyasha also has romance as well as Zero no Tsukaima and Toradora.

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