Once Upon a Time: Renewed

ABC’s fairytale drama series, Once Upon A Time, has been a huge success, ever since it aired about two years ago. I’m honestly surprised that no one thought to write a review on it yet. The show creates a spin on many of the Grimm’s fairy tales, and shows the viewers a story behind every character’s awakening. Each episode revolves around the battle between good vs. evil, that is conspicuously evident in all of the fairytales that we’ve heard growing up. The directors are able to switch back, and forth from reality to fantasy so quickly, which is what makes this show unique.

For the first season, the plot revolves around a bunch of regular characters, but the main focus is Emma Swan, the comme il faut, bounty hunter, who was abandoned at birth. Celebrating her birthday alone in her small apartment was no new news for her, as she was orphaned at a young age. However, a knock on her front door, leads her in a whole new direction. Her son Henry, whom she gave up for adoption about ten years ago, has apparently found her. Thus, she stumbles upon the monotonous, New England town named Storybrooke. Henry is quite peculiar, as he is not like the others. He carries this book of fairytales, and believes that every person from Storybrooke, is a mythical character, stuck in our time, amidst our regular lives. Adding to the drama is the ongoing feud (for custody of Henry) between Emma, and the mayor of Storybrooke, Regina Mills, who also happens to be the Evil Queen! Even though Emma suspects that there is something bizarre going on in the town, is it possible that her life has turned into a modern fairytale? This is the question that she deals with for the first season, and this theory is, in fact proven to be true as the season concludes!

The second season goes forth to bring magic back to Storybrooke. Like Rumplestiltskin often stated throughout the whole series, “magic comes with price!” Henry’s birth father is also brought into the picture, and now, Regina, truly feels like she is backed away into a corner, forgotten by all. Her fury to redeem Henry is what drives the rest of the season. A few of new characters are introduced as well, including the infamous, stunning, Captain Hook, Cora (Regina’s long lost mother), Mulan, Aurora, Tamara, Greg, etc. The second season ends with a cliffhanger as Henry is kidnapped, and the possibilities of a mysterious Neverland with a fetching, yet villainous Peter Pan is revealed! The third season premieres on Sunday, September 29 8/7C on ABC.

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