Steven Universe

Created by former Adventure Time writer/storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe is a cartoon that currently airs on Cartoon Network. Despite its short list of episodes so far and increasingly mysterious plotline, this show has a huge fanbase, and it’s easy to understand why.


In a small beach town aptly named Beach City, there lives a young boy named Steven, but he’s definitely not an ordinary boy. He lives with three otherworldly beings who are known as the Crystal Gems, and Steven himself is half-Crystal Gem himself; his mother was one, and she passed her abilities on to him while giving up her physical form to give birth to him. The three Crystal Gems that Steven lives with are Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and the four of them travel through universes to protect planets and keep everything under control.

As the episodes go on, there are more and more hints of the Crystal Gems being much more than anything Steven ever dreamed of. While Steven grows up witnessing their incredible powers and bonding with his teammates, he has a few things to learn about harnessing his own abilities while handling the burden of being human, which is rough enough for a kid!

Main Characters

Steven Universe – He’s the titular character, and he is also the youngest of the Crystal Gems at the age of twelve. Boisterous and friendly, he’s usually eager to jump into things and help out anybody in need.

Garnet – She’s the largest of the Crystal Gems, and with her tall stature and aloof demeanor, she’s also the most intimidating. With giant fists, she smashes through enemies and tends to keep a serious outlook on things.

Pearl – Typically the first to notice something wrong, Pearl is a complete perfectionist. She always looks out for the other Crystal Gems, even though they view her as a nag; Pearl is well-versed in swordfighting and can make clones of herself.

Amethyst – She’s a bit lazy, but of all of the Crystal Gems, it seems like she knows how to have the most fun. Steven and Amethyst interact like a kid brother playing with his older sister. She has the ability to shapeshift.

Greg Universe – Although he comes across as a goofball, Steven’s dad is incredibly supportive of Steven’s missions, even if he does miss spending time with his son sometimes. He lives in a van and used to have a music career, though he still dabbles in it.

Rose Quartz – Not much is known about Steven’s mother. The Crystal Gems still have her room intact, along with her garden, which has healing capabilities.


As both an Adventure Time fan and a young woman hoping to make my way into the field of animation, I was beyond excited when I heard that Rebecca Sugar was getting her own TV series. From the start, I was reeled in by the unique character designs and incredible art direction, which features pastel color schemes and fantastic animation.

It wasn’t long before I truly felt a connection to the characters, and as the episodes go on, the plot thickens. There are plenty of things left unsaid about the Crystal Gems and their duty in the universe, as well as questions about their fully-unleashed powers. Steven’s mom is still mostly a mystery to viewers as well as Steven himself, and Steven doesn’t quite understand his abilities yet.

There is a perfect amount of suspense and intrigue to keep viewers wanting more. Even though it is aimed at younger kids, this show is just more proof that cartoons can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of age.

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