My Kid's a Star!

My Kid's a Star! The Channel 9 Australian show, My Kid's a Star is the most ridiculous reality television show there is.

10 kids and their parents try to impress a panel of judges, all for what? 50 thousand dollars. This show ridicules and embarrasses these kids who try there hardest. It has been proven, time after time again, that the kids on this show just aren’t emotionally equip to handle the slander and criticism they are given, not only by judges but by other parents and contestants.

You may be thinking, but hang on; don’t these judges give the same advice equivalent to that of an adult on another reality show, such as So You Think You Can Dance? Well yes they do. But there is a big, big difference.

These are children, young impressionable children who are being told, sorry your not good enough. Not only can this show cause rifts between parent and child but it can cause emotional stress, depression, destroy self-confidence and as has been suggested by other by-standing commenters, the need for therapy. It has been seriously discussed by professionals that these kids pouring their heart and soul into this ridiculous television show most likely will need therapy.

After personally hearing a phone call on a radio station between two mothers evicted from the show, it proved to me that this show isn't about the kids; it’s not about their talent. The ratings that the station hope for come from the parents fighting and all the cat fights that go on within the show It is seriously hoped by most that this show is thrown into the television rubbish bin.

I feel whole-heartedly that these kinds of shows have a very real and serious potential to destroy the children who participate lives.

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