• Abigale Matthews

    Abigale Matthews


    Look: Blue-Grey eyes, Long Red hair, pale skin, and slender/athletic build. Personality: At first glance she appears to be a work-oriented tomboy. She is assertive, driven, but also extremely creative. She's a photographer who isn't afraid to take risks to get the perfect shot. Often times she buries her emotions from others, she feels that is she showed them that her guy friends would see it as a weakness. Strengths: Photography, Figure Skating, Hockey Weaknesses: Holding in her emotions, her temper, and she can be too assertive at times. Fun Facts: Only her Mom can call her by her full name "Abigale." She prefers to go by "Abby" or "Abs". Her food weakness is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She is also allergic to Red Roses, Something about the scent spurs a sneezing frenzy Job/Education: Abby graduated with high honors with degree in Photo Journalism from the University of Minnesota. She currently holds a job as an Official NHL photographer for the Pittsburgh Penguins. History: Abby grew up in Virginia, MN. She lived a normal childhood until at the young age of 14, her father died in a car crash at the hands of a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Her mother was forced to pick up the pieces and work full-time as a nurse, so she relied on her next door neighbors, the Niskanen's to help raise her daughter. The Niskanen's soon became her second parents, and Matt moved from being her best friend to becoming her "Big Brother." Growing up she was a tomboy, but was also able to remain feminine. She first started to learn how to figure skate, but when her best friend wanted to play Hockey, she did the same. They earned the nickname of the "Defensive Duo" in school since they played on the same line. When it was time to go off to college they both chose University of Minnesota. She played for the Women's hockey team, and he played on the Men's. She met her Fiance David In college, he was two years older than her and a Law Student. While they both ended up relocating due to their jobs (His NHL Entry and her Internship as an NHL photographer) they remained close friends and often visited each other. She was later assigned to the Pittsburgh Penguins to be their full-time game photographer, and was excited when a year later he was transferred to the same team. The Defensive Duo were reunited once again.