• Christopher (Chris) Huntington

    Christopher (Chris) Huntington


    He's easily frustrated with everything, and needs everything to be done perfectly right. He doesn't like having to talk to people because questions make him uncomfortable. He isn't easily attached and distant from the rest of the world, but when he cares for someone he becomes extremely protective.He grew up in a very wealthy family, and was home-schooled his entire life. He was only taught what his family thought he should know, which involved little of the real world and the people in it. He has been training in combat since he was young, since it was family tradition that the eldest child of his family joined. Needless to say, he never had friends outside of the organization. Since he is hiding his real identity, he also has an alter ego named that he uses as his cover up. He works as a bartender at a local bar to make him seem less suspicious, and doesn't let anyone know about his life outside of the bar.

  • Rachel (Rae) Warrick

    Rachel (Rae) Warrick


    Normal to the point, she feels, to being a conformist. Most of the time, she's very reserved, though not exactly quiet. She just keeps her opinion to herself, but has no problem walking up and talking to you. She's easy to get along with and charming, but has a tendency to seem almost naive and stupid sometimes, and hates it. And for some reason, she always finds herself mixed up in the wrong crowds(; She's a college girl, fresh from small-town life, with a passion for black-and-white photography, painting, and music. In other words, a stereotype. She's a Psychology major on a heavy scholarship at the local University. She grew up in Nebraska on a horse farm with her parents. Life was easy and good, besides the tight money. But where was money not tight? She moved to the big city not only to go to college, but to get away from small town life, where everyone knows everyone and there are no secrets.