• Jean



    Jean is a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the infamous "Triste" (sad in French) District of Groslay, France. He comes from a very poor family and shares a two-room home with his parents, uncle, sister, and grandfather. Sometimes he joins his father and uncle in vineyards working for small wages, but at 4'11" he is too small and weak to do most of the hard labor, so he usually helps his mother and sister around the house. When he is not working he likes to play pirates with the neighborhood kids. He does not own any real toys, but he does carry a stick with him in case of a spontaneous "sword" fight. In Pre Revolutionary Love Story, Jean catches the eye of Marie, a fourteen-year-old noble who has just moved to Groslay. She finds him attractive and invites him to dinner, only to decide that he is rude and unworthy of her company. Jean is childish and unsure of how to behave appropriately. These characteristics cause many disputes between he and Marie, but the two end up caring for each other so much that the differences, big and small, no longer matter. Jean is my second favorite character I have ever created. It is very fun to write about him because he is always being adorably stubborn or doing something hilariously wrong in public. His character is based off of actor John White (pictured here), who began his career as a teen in the mid 90s.

  • Marie de Beauharnais

    Marie de Beauharnais


    Marie de Beauharnais is a fourteen-year-old who has just moved from Brittany to Groslay, France. Her mother is a writer and she aspires to be the same, but she experiences writer's block upon moving. She detests Groslay's never-ending vineyards and gravel roads and misses the sea and foul-mouthed sailors. That is, until she meets Jean, a young boy who lives in the mysterious "Triste" (sad) District of Groslay. She finds him to be uncommonly beautiful yet repulsive in manner, but he inspires her to write. Their relationship blossoms through a series of ups and downs, but a great tragedy awaits. Marie stands 5'2" and is considered very beautiful. She is well mannered and educated, but very headstrong, which often fuels her disputes with Jean. Their friendship allows her (a member of the second estate or noble class) to understand and sympathize with the poor. Her appearance is based off of Brooke Shields in the film "Pretty Baby".