• Cardinal Copia

    Cardinal Copia


    The Cardinal/Cardinal Copia/Cardi C/Dracopia/Vampy Copia is actually a vampire with fangs and pointed ears in my stories. As The Director once stated, he’s very much an old, awkward Italian-American dad who tries his hardest to be hip and cool but tends to fail miserably by defaulting back to ‘dad speak’ like “okie-dokie” and other silly terms. He’s excitable, enjoys dancing and prancing around, can be a grumpy bastard at times, gets flustered easily and can definitely be a super dominant mother***er when he wants to. He has a love of Victorian architecture and furnishings, and was actually the one who chose to move out of the Church and into the vampiric mansion in the first place, to the great dismay of Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator, who both believed this choice would hinder Copia’s progress, but after some begging from both The Cardinal and his Ghouls, the two gave in and allowed them to move out. He carries three rat friends with him who can generally be seen hanging out on his head, shoulders and in his pockets. He can summon more, but three is typically enough to use for everyday fun, using them to tickle and annoy others at his command. Copia also has a penchant for barking randomly despite disliking dogs. He’s more a cat person, thus his absolute adoration for his catlike Ghouls. // He's obviously not a character I own or have created, but I decided to use this little Character section so folks can know more about how he looks and the way I characterise him in my stories. :U