• Reese Harper

    Reese Harper


    In the beginning of Tainted, Reese is 12. She is the younger sister of the sidekick, Speedy (aka Roy Harper). Along with her brother, Reese was taken in by the millionaire, Oliver Queen, who is their Godfather. Her parents died when she was really young. Generally soft-spoken and often absentminded, Reese often keeps her thoughts and worries to herself unless it's with her loved ones. Despite not having been taken on as a sidekick, she has trained in archery and self-defense, and Reese will often help out Green Arrow, Red Arrow, and the Team with minor things (mostly stopping minor crimes). Reese enjoys watching detective noir films like The Big Heat and listening to classical jazz and modern music. Her biggest hobby is reading mystery books, Stephen King is among her favorite authors. Reese has a close familial bond with Oliver Queen that borders between uncle/niece and father/daughter and a mother/daughter-esque bond with Dina, aka Black Canary. Out of all the members of the Team, Reese shares a close relationship with Robin (*** Grayson) and has a sisterly bond with Artemis (although her relationship with Artemis starts off a bit rocky in the beginning due to Speedy leaving to become Red Arrow). Reese's love for detective and noir films has led her to admire Batman and his sidekick, Robin for their detective skills.