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    Another first comment? Go me! I'm on fire today! Yu

    Again. The lovely, lust-filled and positive begininng changes into something very bitter. I like that a lot! I love how you described Kitten's orgasm, He shuts his eyes, allowing the heat spreading through his whole body; making the sweat increase for a few seconds and get his limps to tremble badly, his breath getting stuck in his throat., just his feelings, and I could so perfectly see him lying on the bed, cheeks flushed and looking just really pretty. And then teh change, I forst thought Kitten would be dating Andy, but again there would be something wrong, but then when you made Kitten a whore, and (maybe slightly cliche, but who cares) you made him fall in love with Andy, I love that a lot. I feel sorry for Kitten, though. :arms: Even more so, the last sentence was sort of like a slap. Cry

    Oh I forgot to tell you how amazed I am that you wrote a drabble that is this short. :XD <333333333
    August 3rd, 2009 at 12:23pm