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  • n. josten

    n. josten (1270)

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    I’m here as the new judge for the ‘10 Ways To…’ contest.

    I really like how you took this concept! It was really short but also incredibly cute. I don’t know how you actually managed to create and show me the depths of Will and Abigail’s relationship in between mostly dialogue, but you did it. I was entirely aware of their dynamic and I loved it. Chapter four made me laugh so much because the story was so over the top and then Nate and Emily and Abigail interrupting Will to question everything when he was clearly in the middle of telling a grand story of adventure and romance to Fred. RUDE, HE’S IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. The last chapter made me laugh, too, because what a blunt way of asking, hah!

    I did like your incorporation of a prompt you made up because it gave the story a tinge of angst, although it did feel a bit random since the rest of the story was about Will and Abigail. Still, I liked that chapter because it showed the depths of friendship and heartbreak.

    Though, not gonna lie, I actually had no idea who Will Noon or Rubano/Fazzi was. I ended up Googling them out of sheer curiosity. Luckily, you were so consistent in their personalities (Will’s especially) that it didn’t matter. I didn’t actually have to know who they were because this entire story read like an original fiction.

    This story overall was really good and well-written, so good job!
    July 3rd, 2017 at 08:35pm
  • The Color Abi

    The Color Abi (300)

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    So I'm sat in the living room with my mum and it's nearly ten am.

    She's wondering why I'm sat grinning at my computer screen. "That guy with your new camera coming to the house instead of you walking into town?" She looks pretty concerned because I have this stupid grin on my face and my eyes are watering. "Abi?"

    "No mum." I look at her, giggling, "One of my bestest friends just came back to me and wrote some of the best stories ever for me."
    August 31st, 2012 at 10:40am