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  • hangsang.

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    I'm here as the new judge for the Fairy Tale Contest!

    Barely Even Friends
    I honestly love this twist so much. The fact that it's set long ago and, honestly, I do agree with the comment below. The peaches bit really got me thinking about Holes and I appreciated that too. I definitely think you opened this story up well and I'm excited to see where you'll go with it!

    Then Somebody Bends
    I love the way Belle told off Gaston for being rude toward Adam. You can tell she already cares for him a lot and it's rather clear in your description and between the lines. I loved the last line of this chapter as I felt it really packed a punch and made you think about Adam and his life and everything that has led up to that moment and how he feels the way he feels.

    Gah, Gaston again, ruining all these perfect moments. How dare he?? The tour was amazing, as was the way you described Belle playing the piano. It was a perfect scene and I enjoyed it a lot.

    Just a Little Change
    I absolutely adored this little chapter with Adam asking the Colonel and the latter not passing any judgment whatsoever on his appearance or anything like that. And the last few paragraphs were adorable, with Adam asking her to marry him and everything. I do wish I could've actually seen it written out, but I understand and appreciate the way you ended it anyway. The last line really tied the whole story together and wow, I'm so in love with this. Great job!
    November 24th, 2017 at 04:18am
  • squidward tentacles.

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    I love the spin you put on Beauty and the Beast here! Having it set in the South is a take I've never seen anyone use for it and I really like that. I adored your opening scene, with the peaches. It reminded me of Holes and the story between Sam and Miss Barlow tehe I thought it was really sweet.

    I also love your descriptions. They draw me in and paint a very clear picture in my mind of what's happening. You bring this story fully to life and I always have a lot of respect for writers who can do that. Lovely job with this. Wow
    March 25th, 2016 at 05:44am