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    Twiggy. (105)

    ERIN. I would tell you everything I think about this right now on Facebook, but there's so much to say! You actually write SO BEAUTIFULLY. I'm serious, this is incredible. When you told me you were 'getting creative' I was expecting a really amusing, exaggerated story like my Torches one but this is way better (although I think we must write something ridiculous at some point later).

    But oh my god, seriously, you are such a good writer. You definitely captured the dark gothic feeling of The Cure and their music. And I really, really like the dialect you used for Simon by the way! Particularly the last line (I hope he gallup'd after Robert ;) )

    But anyway, this is honestly amazing! This is the first time I've read anything of yours and I'm just in awe of how good it is.
    September 10th, 2014 at 08:23am