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    Oh my, I loved this! First of all, I adore the layout. It's so dainty and romantic. I think the "I'd Do Anything" title fits this story perfectly, as I could really feel the love between Derek and Quinn. I think you captured a miscarriage so well. It's always risky to tell people before the first trimester is over, because that's when a lot of miscarriages happen. Of course, people want to tell as soon as they find out! You captured this emotion really well, and I think the blame and guilt Quinn felt made a lot of sense, as it's what many women would feel. Derek's reaction and staying by her made me melt. His concern about her and what she might do, his putting her health before his wishes to be a father, etc. It was wonderful. This was a really great one-shot, and left me wanting more. Thank you for your entry, great job! :)
    May 7th, 2016 at 05:19pm