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  • delicate.

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    Summary + Layout
    The layout for this is very cute. Roses are definitely romantic, and I love the addition of the book, as well. The font is a little small - but after I zoomed in a little it was fixed. The summary is as sweet and cute as the layout itself, which is lovely.

    I think the initial interactions between Ebony and Iggy are so authentic. I really liked that. I feel like many of us have been in a position with a customer we find attractive, hoping they'll come back or feel the same way.

    I love how Beryl pushed the guy off onto Ebony for help, it was adorable! Shopping for a niece? So precious. I really like the development of their relationship. I found it very realistic, which is refreshing. I feel like so many stories (mine included) have romances that aren't that realistic, so this is really a great story.

    I smiled when he came into the store to ask her out. So happy they are finally moving along. Iggy seems like such a dreamy guy!

    This was such a lovely romance, and I eagerly await to see what happens next. I only found a few grammatical errors, but it didn't really hold me back from reading.

    Nice job!
    July 31st, 2016 at 05:01pm
  • warmaiden

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    the summary is goddamn adorable. sounds like romance, romance, romance w/ a sprinkle of fluff which truly isn't my cup of tea, but definitely a guilty pleasure from time to time (which is clearly obvious when i go looking for things of the such).

    but hubba hubba, hello mr. uk. i would've been a puddle on the floor too if i was ebony. hot damn, that's my type of man tbh. there's no doubting how much mr. uk is into ebony too Coffee oh, how cute. he's shy too. wtf, don't you hate it when both parties are like that?? & you're just playing the waiting game?? lol.

    aside from a few run-on sentences & the missing of a couple comma's, this was great c:
    July 29th, 2016 at 07:29pm
  • Albluerose

    Albluerose (205)

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    First thing first I don't know how this story has no comments, I mean this is amazing!

    It's not to much given away and yet at the same time it makes you want to dive right in, it's cute and some what to the point in a way (not a bad thing at all), I was already wondering how this story would go.

    Chapter 1
    What is a "cuppa"? Lol. Ah, it's always the foriegn men that just drop dead gorgeous. This chapter was really cute and I adore how she reacts to him walking in and her getting all flustered. But why hasn't he tried anything yet!?

    Chap 2
    Gah! She needs to jump his bone already! I mean come on! He has great looks, weird name but that's okay, he has a neice so that means uhm he likes children *wink wink* babies!!! Lol jk. She needs to stop being nervous and let him take her out for a drink, get him drunk... Ravish him... Lol.

    Chapter 3
    I am so serious every time he walks away I am waiting for her to look South at his ass to see if he has a nice one, lol I do it all the time. I can't help it. Love it when guys have a nice booty on them.

    Gah! What happened to chapter four comment!? Did mibba eat it!

    Okay so only saw a few errors in that chapter. I'll make it quick. Instead of compliment in everyday. I think it should have been compliment in everyway. Then you called the mall a male. Lol.

    Other then that the chapter was just really cute, very well written and their conversation was adorable. I think he is so damn sweet and she needs to keep him. Lol. Either way you are a great writer, keep up the great work and I can't wait to see what happens.
    July 19th, 2016 at 04:55pm