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    This was beautifully written. You know I love Ruedi and Felix, and you know I love Tommy Guns, but this was a really wonderful insight into their relationship. I think there's a gorgeous contrast between their personalities, which makes them endearing as a couple. Felix is more comfortable, confident, where Ruedi is more bashful and meek, but they make it work so well. They balance each other out.
    “We can change that,” Felix murmured. He dropped his arm from Ruedi’s, and turned to face the younger man. A slight brush of Felix’s fingers against Ruedi’s own made it feel as if there were tiny electrical charges zipping between them
    That is such a brilliant moment. The description of how Felix makes Ruedi feel electric just gets the point across that Ruedi is into him, despite his originally low expectations for the blind date.
    It felt like years of repression and guilt had been lifted from his shoulders
    This was such a hard-hitting line, and I think that anyone who's had some sort of oppression and hatred thrown at them for their sexuality will understand and relate to this on a level that's personal, a level that they could possibly see within their own experiences.

    With the end, I love it when Felix asks if Ruedi is still nervous, and Ruedi just says not anymore and goes to kiss him again. It's a beautiful moment, and it really had me rooting for these two lovebirds. Overall, this was a really sweet read and considering the short length, it was gorgeously detailed and really painted a picture. Great job, Vic!
    March 29th, 2019 at 11:09pm