Sequel: Hold On

Life As It Is

Life As It Is is a story about a girl named Ella who meets none other than Billie Joe on just a regular school day. Ella is quiet and just another outcast. Once Billie steps into her life, everything changes...forever.
  1. The Beginning of Change
    A young teenage girl named Ella sits in class one day thinking of what her life would be like if she was a normal teenager.When she suddenly starts thinking it,a boy named Billie Joe interrupts her thoughts and asks to skip class with her.
  2. Change Keeps On Coming
    We meet Billie Joe and his best friend and learn a little about what they usually do.Ella goes through her daily high school day and discovers a flyer to see a band called Sweet Children and makes a split-second decision.
  3. Meeting the Band
    We meet the third member of Sweet Children,Al and see how the band works or fights together.
  4. Life As A Normal Teenager Part One
    Ella finds the rebel inside of her and sneaks out to see Sweet Children.
  5. Hangovers Are Never Fun
    Ella experiences her first hangover.Billie Joe comes over and learns the stunning details of her life,they eventually go out and hang out together and Ella comes home to a startling event.
  6. Just Another School Day
    The two new friends talk over the events of the previous day and Ella experiences a normal,"fun" school day unaware of her small crush.
  7. Facing and Hiding From Fears
    Billie Joe and Ella walk home from their school day and run into Jessica Marsh.Ella confronts her fear of not being able to stand up to her.But then her confidence leaves her when she faces her parents again.
  8. Billie Joe the Songwriter
    Finally admitting his feelings to himself,Billie Joe lets out his feelings for Ella in two songs.
  9. Feelings Revealed
    That Friday at Gilman Street,Billie Joe plays the two new songs and dedicates it to Ella.
  10. Life As A Normal Teenager Part Two
    Billie Joe and Ella walk outside and finally reveal their feelings to one another.
  11. Birthday Planning
    Ella learns of Billie Joe's upcoming birthday and already knows what to get him but must get a job.
  12. The Meaning of A Job
    Ella finally finds a job at Rod's Hickory Pit.
  13. The Birthday Party
    Billie Joe celebrates his seventeenth birthday with his friends and family.But his suspicion with Ella's situation begins to grow.
  14. Hiding The Truth
    Ella lies to Billie Joe about why she was skipping school for the day.
  15. The First Fight
    Billie Joe finds out what's been going on with his girlfriend.
  16. All Hell Breaks Loose
    When last we had left Billie Joe,Mike,and Tre they heard something from Ella's door.Once they get inside they see that she is unconcious.That's when everything suddenly goes crazy.
  17. A Whole New Life
    Ella slowly gets used to her new living arrangements.
  18. The Trouble Starts
    Billie Joe gets a little too close to Ella,somehow initiating to want sex but she pulls away.
  19. The Second Fight
    Ella learns the events of what Billie Joe had said,resulting in two fights.
  20. Love Is In The Air
    The couple does not speak for a while until something changes.
  21. Living It Up
    The couple is happy to have gotten back together.
  22. College Applications
    Ella awaits to see if she got rejected or accepted at certain colleges.
  23. Scary Dreams Come to An End
    Ella has recurring dreams of her parents.
  24. Wake Me Up When September Ends
    Ella is there for her boyfriend as the anniversary of his father's death finally arrives.
  25. Happy Times and Bad News
    Billie Joe and Ella spend a great Christmas and New Year's together.Mike tells Ella about Al considering something that would effect the band.
  26. A Spur of the Moment
    Billie Joe makes a split-second decision about high school.
  27. A College Party Gone Wrong
    Billie Joe,Ella,Mike,and Tre go to a college party but end the night where they least expected it to end.
  28. A Startling Decision
    Ella gets offered a chance to go to a college in New York City.She is unaware of what to do until Billie Joe urges her to a decision.
  29. Together Forever--Or Not
    Billie Joe and Ella spend their last night together as best as they can..
  30. Unsure Times
    Ella meets a girl named Holly during the flight to New York and tries to adjust to her new atmosphere without Billie Joe.
  31. Trying To Move On
    Billie Joe meets a woman named Adrienne and slowly tries to adjust to his life without Ella.
  32. The World of Dating
    Ella decides to somehow let herself back into dating.
  33. Into The Dating Game
    Ella meets a new guy but is yet to know what to expect.
  34. The Discovery Of Green Day--Again
    The girls learn of Green Day going mainstream.
  35. Scattered Pictures and Troubled Times
    Billie Joe writes a song about his ex-girlfriend and we see how she's been living her life.
  36. A Very Unhappy New Year
    Ella and Billie Joe meet again.
  37. Change For The Better
    Billie Joe gets pulled over for drunk driving.
  38. It's Not Work--It's Personal
    Ella and Holly get an assignment at their job for an upcoming Green Day show.
  39. Opening Old Wounds
    The old couple catch up after the show and share a eventful night.
  40. The Morning After
    Ella freaks out the morning after and discovers something a few weeks later.
  41. Abortion Or Not?
    Ella is unsure with what to do with finding out she's pregnant and decides whether to get an abortion or not.
  42. Finding Out
    Ella runs into her ex.
  43. Thanksgiving Blues
    Holly and Mike's relationship turns in a new direction.Ella and Holly move back to their home state and spend a very awkward but mellow Thanksgiving with the members of Green Day.
  44. An Eventful Christmas
    Billie Joe and Adrienne break their news to their boys.Meanwhile,the gang spends their first Christmas together and watch as Billie Joe shows his affection for Ella.
  45. A Very Happy New Year
    The gang spend their New Year at MTV Studios.
  46. First Day On A Brand New Planet
    Things start getting better and better for the reunited couple.
  47. Meet the Boys
    Ella meets Joey and Jakob as their father's girlfriend.
  48. You Think You Know Someone...
    Billie and Ella spend their last day in California before heading off to tour.
  49. It's All Too Complicated
    Adrienne tells Ella the details of what happened before she goes off to tour with the band.
  50. A Birthday To Remember
    Billie Joe celebrates his thirty-third birthday with surprises.
  51. All Hell Breaks Loose II
    An unexpected event finally occurs at an innocent dinner at Mike's and Holly's.
  52. Complicated
    Everyone is trying to deal with the aftermath of what happened.
  53. Happy Days--Sort Of
    Everyone seems to be adjusting to the sudden changes and manage to as Ella's birthday party finally arrives.
  54. Just My Luck
    Ella somehow tries to make Billie Joe and Mike patch things up.
  55. Getting Ready
    Ella is surprised to find a baby shower being thrown for her by Holly.
  56. The Birth
    You guessed it--Ella gives birth at last.
  57. The Past, the Present, and the Future.
    Ella comes face to face with her past again as well as trying to adjust to all the new changes in her life.
  58. Wake Me Up When September Ends II
    Holly finally gives birth to her baby while Ella faces something she'd never expect to face.
  59. Searching for Something More
    We learn what Billie has been thinking about doing for so long.
  60. On A Mission
    Billie Joe is still trying to propose...
  61. A "Good" Morning After
    The aftermath of the engagement...
  62. White Wedding
    Billie Joe and Ella's special day finally arrives.
  63. Comfort Zone
    Billie Joe and Ella after their honeymoon.
  64. Times Like These
    While the couple is in New Jersey,they both make a happy discovery that will once again change them.
  65. The Birth II
    The second Armstrong-Montgomery baby is born.
  66. It Was Worth All The While
    Mike and Holly's wedding and the second to last part of the story.
  67. Life As It Is
    The final chapter.