Steve and the inevitable

l It was a cold Spring day around the middle of March. Allan Stoll was making his way to school. The cold air cut past him like a razor, burning the skin of his face and hands, e cursed the cold though his thick scarf and shivered as the icy air blasted at him as he shot down the lonely hill. A car whizzed past, the driver made a rude gesture in Allan’s direction since the teenager’s hands hung by his side and the bike was controlled simply by Allan’s shifts of the center of his gravity. The boy ignored the driver’s remark and kept charging downhill, toward the dull and gloomy place that was his school.
For a media-arts “college” it wasn’t too bad, but they seemed to concentrate to much on media studies that the completely forgot about all the other subjects like maths and science. Basically, the syllabus was put aside and the “creativity” was let loose. This was hell for Allan, he didn’t do filming or music, he was legendary at art but He was in no way a performer or a producer. Allan was just a kid with a hidden talent which he liked to keep to himself rather than advertise it to everyone.
‘So, how’s it goin’ Al?’ asked Steve, a friend of Allan’s whom he’d known for about 2 months since the guy came to this school.
‘ Fine.’ replied Allan absently, not even looking at his friend.
‘You OK, Allan, you seem a bit “off”, you know.’ asked Steve with a puzzled look on his face. Allan twitched and sat up, ‘oh, sorry, I was a bit too far away then.’ he laughed.
‘Doing your cruise of the Caribbean again?’ Steve laughed back and the two of them looked even more detached from the rest of the tutor group than any other time (not that they ever were like the other kids, they didn’t wear white Nike hoodies, or tucked their trousers into their socks, or smoked, or skived the lessons). The tutor time was the hardest part of the school day, and now that it was over Allan and Steve could finally get on with the day. Not that school was hard, the learning wasn’t anyway and apart from the occasional dirty comments kids that were different from the herd pretty much managed it.
Allan’s first lesson was maths. He hated maths and wasn’t fantastic at it, this would have been his most hated lesson if he had any teacher other Mr Johnson; this man was a legend, he was funny and clever, and shouted so loud you could feel the class next door jump in their chairs. Steve has PE, he parted with Allan just before the bell went off, giving him that florescent, snow-white smile and moving off into the crowd. Allan felt butterflies flutter in the pit of his stomach, it seemed that the inevitable WAS happening, and no-one could stop it, not even Allan himself and as a 15 year old boy, just walking into life, Allan was scared that he was going to face a struggle because of this, Steve was the reason for it all. Allan sighed, he wasn't sure at all because deep inside he knew he could possibly give up on who he was- a straight guy. Now his heart was a battle ground, fighting a n invisible war of decisions concerning him, Steve and his tender love for someone he hasn't seen for 5 years, this battle was called starting over or keeping hope.
Allan's butt hit the ground and he looked at the subject which made him fall. She was so average, yet so exquisite, she stared at Allan as they both sat on the floor, 'sorry." she blushed and got up. Allan was slow on the uptake. He got up and smiled uneasily, "I........um....." he mumbled.
'I'm Ajay." she said leaning towards Allan's face. He suddenly woke up from his slight daydream and realized that he was staring her right in the face, ‘Sorry!’ he said and backed away slightly, ‘I..um..gotta go, see ya. Oh, and I’m Allan....... nice to meetcha.’he added, managed a slight smile and was away.
Damn! She looked so familiar, but what is it about her/ there’s something about her that ever so familiar, but what in hell is it?! Thought Allan as he sat in Science, ignoring the teacher. It seemed that he was on to something and he had that torrid feeling that it might just, only just be her. But then he didn't know, he had no idea so he just stood up and walked away feeling rather stupid and relatively paranoid. Thats what you do when you knock over a stranger when half of your school watches you do it!
Allan didn't like school, and he liked to let everyone know it, but he didn't do badly in his subjects even though the teachers often caught him doodling in his book instead of doing work. the only subject Allan ever looked foward to was art. He loved art and art and it ofted brought him down in other subjects such as maths, Allan's parents didn't care about his talet-they only cared about his education and his future career (which had to make him rich and very unhappy).
'Allan Stoll, you may want to stop daydreaming and participate in the lesson!' Barked Miss Wilde, glaring at Allan through her sharp-edges spectacles which made her eyes eve more snake-like.]
'Sorry, Miss.' mumbles Allan and started copying form the board. He hated Science.