Patrick was now on a mission. Who saved him from the demon squirrels that had been plaguing his whole journey?
Not that the mission he was already on wasn’t important…but he had more important things (to him) to take care of. Like finding whoever saved him from the squirrels.
I like to ride my bicycle!!!!

Patrick followed the trail of animals running away. Why? Unknown. You would have thought that if the animals were running away, Patrick would too. Come on, he’s not exactly the bravest guy in the world. No offence to him!
Anyway. The trail lead to a small, tiny little clearing that Patrick would normally avoid at all costs. Actually, he would probably never have seen it if he hadn’t been looking. He went into the clearing.

The whole time, Patrick had heard what sounded like an attempt at some bass-playing, but who the hell would sit in a forest, playing bass guitar? That’s when he rode into the Tower. He really does need to learn to look where he’s going.

Well, we all know what the tower looked like. Just imagine the impact the tower would have on the young(ish), impressionable Patrick Stump. Simple guy. Simple things.

At the top of the Tower was Patrick’s hero…