NCIS: Jethro's Secret

"D Is For Dangerous."

Kate’s monologue on the phone was echoing through the air. Smartly dressed McGee was confronting a fly that kept buzzing around his ears. DiNozzo was munching on a day old tuna sandwich and chuckling at McGee’s sudden movements, trying to keep his mind off a blind date failure last night.

The usual atmosphere was ruined by Jethro. His cynicism and bad mood were on a high level due to a lack of caffeine in his bloodstream. All illegal actions stopped. Jethro’s empty handed entrance killed a home feeling within the crew. McGee stopped stealing Don Quixote’s role of fighting the windmills; Kate hung up, beating the world’s record in hanging up; DiNozzo threw the sandwich in a garbage can, using his sleeve to wipe the ketchup leftovers off his face.

“DiNozzo, you have something red on your chin,” Gibbs said smirking, proving that Tony’s childish manners can be a better way to start a day with, much better than caffeine.

Tony looked at Gibbs with a defiant expression on his face, repeating his words quietly, making the vowels longer.

“DiNozzo, I see you,” Jethro said with a wry smile stretched from one ear to another.

McGee, always dressed up computer expert smiled for a moment, afraid of Gibbs’s reaction while Kate was immune to DiNozzo’s teenage remarks and actions.

Tony sat down on a wobbly chair, sticking his tongue out at Kate and McGee.


Echoed through the Navy CIS Headquarters. Gibbs’s shouting left everyone paralyzed. Especially, Tony. Jethro’s lack of caffeine showed its worst face. Or was it just a warming up?

“DiNozzo,” Gibbs continued. “Since you already had your breakfast, move your Casanova ass and get me a coffee. Go to Brazil if needed, I don’t care. I want a coffee in 10 minutes.”

“But Boss, Probie would -”

“DiNozzo, cut the crap and leave McGee alone! Where’s that coffee?”

DiNozzo didn’t dare to continue this debate. He didn’t. He could feel the anger rising within Jethro. He knew that talking to Gibbs on a low caffeine level was equal to making out with a transvestite. An adolescent explanation. In Tony’s style.

Leaving the Headquarters, Tony sniffed Kate’s hair and slapped McGee on the back of his head. Just like Gibbs does to DiNozzo. Daily.

“Boss,” DiNozzo said slouching towards the elevator doors. “Something came for you; it’s on your desk in a big yellow envelope.”

“DiNozzo, you’re still here? Get the hell out of here!”

Jethro yelled practicing his famous slap on DiNozzo’s head, not perceiving his words.

McGee smirked, giving a “BYE BYE” wave to DiNozzo. Kate was standing next to McGee, embracing him, trying to provoke DiNozzo, wishing to increase his jealousy level.

“Kate, McGee!” Gibbs interrupted their sweet moment. “Get a room!”

Gibbs’s eagle eye catches everything within a 2 mile radius. That seems a bit far fetched but metaphorically, the point has been proven.

Kate and McGee were both standing behind Jethro, looking at each other, trying to form a sentence that makes sense. They gave up. It wasn’t worth it. Not that morning.

The city was tedious at 8:00 AM. Dozens of colorful cars were queued; waiting for the school kids to pass the zebra crossing. Their shaggy hairs were dangling in the wind. Nervous taxi drivers have declared a war to traffic jam; gesticulating on the verge of a breakdown. Some of them got out of their cars, slamming the doors, lighting up the cigarettes.

On his way back to the Headquarters, DiNozzo was shifting a hot Gibbs’s coffee from one hand to another, sniffing it, enjoying the smell. He was smirking, grinning, preparing for a solemn moment of gaining Jethro’s praise. DiNozzo was rehearsing a face expression, at the same time imagining a prosaic yet puzzled look on McGee’s face.

A big smile was glued to his face. What he didn’t show was the guilt gnawing at this conscience. He was fond of that computer freak. He was fond on the whole crew – Gibbs, as almighty is a preacher of order and discipline, mysterious when it comes to personal issues, devoted to his job, to his people; Kate and McGee, DiNozzo’s objects of teasing in an adolescent, high school style; Abby, a pale looking creature with one of the Pippi Longstocking’s trademarks – braids, always sipping coffee, enjoying a forensic role; and Ducky, an old Chief Medical Examiner, usually gets carried away by telling the old stories, adding “Once upon a time” snippets in daily reports to Jethro, showing his British accent.

The coffee was getting cold. Another minus amongst DiNozzo’s actions. He started walking faster, walking at a brisk pace.

On the parking lot, a minute away from the Headquarters, a sudden hit on the back of his head, surprised Tony. Left him unconscious…