NCIS: Jethro's Secret

"What Goes Around, Comes Around."

The neon lights were hanging still, spreading their blinding beams around the basement. Black and white photographs were smiling from the wall, feeling ashamed for being a spotlight to three people that were gaping at them. The basement was empty; smell and smoke of the cigarettes, mixed with the stale air and remains of dead, miniature animals were so strong; sickening. Gibbs could imagine Tony being cuffed to the cold ladder, tapping and tapping. Blood drops scattered on the floor proved that he was there.

“Damn,” Gibbs shouted scathingly, knowing that they were one step behind. “Damn.”

“He started his ‘photographic career’ the same day he was released from jail,” McGee interrupted. “…two weeks ago”, he said deliberately, carefully studying the photos on the wall.

A Marlboro box of cigarettes was hiding another message, other half of the photograph underneath a thin layer of paper.

“…comes around,” Gibbs read the hand written sign out loud. “What goes around, comes around,” he said putting the halves together, looking askance at them; getting an insight into a real DiNozzo’s pain.

The basement was full of ashes scattered on the floor, dancing in the breeze; full of the smoked cigarettes, their toxic ingredients.

“McGee, get a camera from the van, and play a photographer. I want every inch of this sickening room photographed.”

“Yes, Boss,” McGee said, walking with long, quick steps.

Clicking sounds of the camera were reverberating through the basement. Swabbing the blood, taking photographs of the blurred blood drops, bagging and tagging the evidence, made their daily routine much tougher, knowing that one of them was severely wounded.

Gibbs was sitting on the dusty stairway thoughtfully, when Kate approached, taking off her midnight blue NCIS cap.

“I miss him, Kate. I never thought I would but I miss that kid; his feet on the desk, stupid descriptions of his dates. I miss smacking him on the back of his head.” Gibbs smiled. “But God help me, I’ll kill him when he gets back smiling at me.” Gibbs said taking off his cap and wiping the little sweat drops off his forehead.

“It’s Tony, Gibbs, a lovable annoyance,” Kate said smiling; burying her anxiety deep down in her heart. “He’ll just pop in, with a grin on his face, asking if we missed him. It’s Tony.”

Emotional, yet anxiously boosted conversation was hackled by a melody from Gibbs’s cell phone.

“McGee!!” Gibbs shouted putting his cap back on. “Move, DiNozzo is in hospital.”