NCIS: Jethro's Secret

"Docket #1."

The juvenile heart of the headquarters was thumping with excitement yet anticipation, reflecting its metropolitan spirit. Big polished windows were playing a role of the guardians; not allowing the darkness from the outside to impair a glowing effect of the headquarters.

Beams of light from the desk lamps were spreading the lightdust through the air, brightening the minds, the souls, the hearts of three impassioned creatures. Kate and McGee, surrounded by the empty paper cups of coffee, of their antidote, flung themselves into finding John. Perpetual mouse clicking, keayboard tapping sounds, perpetual and intense, immortal flames sparkling inside them, amplified their desire to catch the damn avenger.

"Anything new"? Gibbs said coming in, carrying a hot coffee in his right hand.

McGee and Kate glanced at each other, imagining hot drops of coffee washing a fine Chinese food down the throat.

"McGee"! Gibbs shouted. "Remove the cotton pads from your ears, I'm not a damn mannequin"!

"Sorry, Boss", McGee said fidgeting around. "John's address dates from 1982, when he joined the Navy. The point is, Boss, that address doesn't exist anymore. The building was demolished 10 years ago. No traces of his Mercedes. I presume he drives a Mercedes van", McGee glanced at his scratches, taking a deep breath in.

"Where did you deduct that from, McGee"? Gibbs's inevitable, jaundiced question confused his non stop working brain, making him feel a bit intimidated.

With a jumble expression on his face, he looked at Kate, expecting her help; expecting a grain of solidarity.

"McGee"! Gibbs bawled, jotting something down in his notebook.

"Sorry, Boss. I...", he said, stammering out an apology. "If I was a kidnapper, I'd use a van; especially if you abducted someone at the break of dawn. I mean, Boss, it's easier with a van".

"I get it, McGee, I get it", Gibbs hackled, looking at the bottom of an empty paper cup of coffee.


A mysterious voice dashed Jethro's desire for a hot coffee; McGee's light red color on his cheeks, indicating signs of confusion; Kate's insatiable mind.

Within a second three guns were instantly pulled out of the holsters. Three guns were fiercely glaring at a disgraceful, distorted image of a man. He was standing in front of Gibbs and his two disciples like an ancient Egyptian sphinge, whose hands have magically come to life. He was holding them up in the air, smirking like a mere idiot with a marred conscience, an idiot just marauding around.

"John Nettles", Gibbs said overwhelmed with surprise.

"Long time no see, you bastard son", John talked back, wearing a wry smile. "I enjoyed beating the shit out of DiNozzo and finally watching him die. He paid for your sins, Gibbs. Will you survive? Knowing that the kid you consider your own son died instead of you? Died for you?"

"But DiNozzo is-", McGee interupted inadvertently, holding his gun firmly with both hands.

"MCGEE"! Reverberated through the air.

Gibbs's raised voice paused McGee's nervous system, making him cower from fear.

The air was surmounted by John's infinite, intriguing impudence; the hearts pounding with anticipation; jaded yet intrepid minds.

"It's over, John, you pleased your incessant, indelicate desires, you got what you wanted", Gibbs continued to play John's frenzy, bestial game.

"I'm satisfied, Jethro. Your agent is rotting. His corpse is probably invaded by insects, waiting for Hades to take his soul underground. Does it make you angry? You did nothing to save him!" John was sporadically glancing at the agents, laughing at them.

The guns were still pointed straight at him while John kept droning on. At 2:00 AM, the headquarters became the battle field - provocations intelaced with wry smiles, vaporizing perspire, cold hard breaths and rare movements.

"My mission is done here, Jethro", John said stretching his arms at Gibbs; using the mime style to suggest him to cuff his wrists.

"With pleasure", Gibbs said smiling; grabbing his hands and cuffing them tight. "You have the right to remain silent, everything...", was echoing through the air; in John's mind, in Gibbs's heart.

"Oh, and one last thing, Nettles", Gibbs continued, "DiNozzo is very much alive", he whispered in his ear; holding him tight by his cuffed hands.

John twitched and wailed, showing his vindictively behavior; his violent, vicious spirit; attacking Gibbs verbally.

"Save your breath, John", Gibbs said smiling, taking him away.

Echo of their footsteps, their shoes hitting the cold marble floor was becoming less and less audible. They withered away in the distance.