I Always Said MCR Were Magical

The Journey To Magic School

Gerard's POV

"Have fun in boarding school, guys, or wherever the fuck you disappear off to for months at a time" teased Bob, giving me a big hug. Bob gives good hugs.
"I've told you before, it's a secret ninja training base in England. And trust me, we'll have fun." I said, winking at Frankie. Mikey rolled his eyes.
"Well, don't have TOO much fun without us. Don't forget to write!", said Ray, giving everyone yet another squeeze.
"Okay, MOM!" I said, poking my tongue out at Ray and taking Frank's hand. As we began to walk out of the door, Ray called after us
"Oh yeah, and for the love of God, Frank. Don't get Gerard pregnant!"
Before Ray knew what was happening, I had tackled him and was now sat on top of him, tickling his ribs.
"Gerard, come on we're gonna be late!", moaned my brother Mikey, tapping his foot impatiently.
"I am not stopping until Mr. Toro here takes back his rude comments about my masculinity!!" I yelled, tickling more ferociously.
"I..I..I'm sorry!" choked Ray, between fits of laughter. I continued my tickle attack wildly.
"Now you hav eto say 'Gerard Way is the sexiest man alive" I teased, thoroughly enjoying myself.
"Gee, you're making Frankie jealous" said Mikey, warningly, pointing at Frank, who was staring at me with his gorgeous puppy dog eyes. I jumped up, much to Ray's relief, and ran to him, planting a kiss firmly on his lips. Mikey made retching noises in the background and Ray and Bob fell about laughing.
"Ahh, Mikes you're just jealous because you're not dating the SECOND most sexy man alive like I am!" I said
"Second??" said Bob
"Yep! Frankie here's second and I'm obviously first" I said grinning like a retard.
"Gerard you are so up yourself!!" said Mikey, exasperated.
"Most guys would give their right arm to be 'up' me Mikey!" I said, thoroughly pleased with my brilliant comeback. Mikey just scowled as everyone else nearly choked from laughing so hard.
"Look, we really do have to go, we need to get to the portkey. Oh, shit! I mean, bus stop!" spluttered Mikey. Oh. My. God. What a DIPSHIT! He nearly told the secret we'd been protecting for years! Okay, maybe I should explain. I, Gerard Way am a wizard. I'm not even fucking kidding! Hardcore, huh? I mean, a D & D style, cape, wand and pointy hat fucking wizard! Frankie and Mikey are wizards too, along with another million people. Unfortunately, my two other best friends Ray and Bob are not amongst those million people. Neither of them are magical in a conventional way - I mean, the way they play their instruments (Ray - guitar, Bob - drums) is pretty fucking magical but none of the 'Alohamora!' type shit. So when Mikey mentions a portkey, a purely magical form of transportation, in front of them, it's really not a good idea. Sometimes I could kill that boy, seriously.
"What the hell is a portkey? Are you high Mikey?" said Ray, confused.
"NO I AM NOT..." began Mikey, but I cut him off.
"Love to stay and chat, guys but we really have to go!" And with that, I grabbed Frank'shand and practically ran out of the door, leaving Bob and Ray confused inside.