Every Mistake That I Make

Dallas and Mikey have been best friends for a long time;
through thick and thin, they've been there for each other.
Then Mikey's brother Gerard starts to go out with Rachael Leone, the most popular girl in the school.
Dallas is worried she'll hurt Gerard.
Mikey is worried Rachael prefers Gerard to him.
When Dallas realises that Mikey's up to something,
She doesn't know where to turn and who to tell.
Her life has just become a whole lot more confusing...

No wonder now,
I finally found
The right formula for
You taught me how,
I play the fool
Every mistake that I make,
I couldn’t have made without you


I do not own My Chemical Romance.
This story is purely fiction.
I do own the characters of Anya, Dallas and Rachael.
The plot is influenced by my own ideas and slightly by my own life, but not much.


This story will be updated whenever I can fit it in.
I have the whole thing planned out, so I could write it, its just fitting it all in.
However, if I update this story, you can expect an update for my other stories shortly after.