Every Mistake That I Make

Chapter Fourteen

“Eww...You so did not just say that,” Dallas groaned at Anya as they made their way through the almost empty school corridors to the yard at dinnertime.

“I think I did,” Anya answered confidently.

“You wouldn’t say it again,” Dallas challenged her.

“Yeah, I would.”

“Go on then.”

“BOB’S WEARING ONE OF MY THONGS!” Anya yelled at the top of her voice, taking Dallas by surprise. Dallas then doubled up in laughter as a group of teachers, including the headmaster, turned round the corner and glared at the two girls.

“Miss McKenzie...” The headmaster stopped them both. “Miss West.”

“Hello Mr Rhyne,” the two girls chorused. The other teachers swept by them on the way to the staff room, but their headmaster stopped.

“Miss McKenzie, I think those shoes are rather inappropriate for school,” he frowned, waving a hand at her knee-length boots. “And Miss West...that hair, is completely absurd.”

He was gesturing at Anya’s hair, which was bleached blonde, incredibly curly and gelled so it was a thick mass sat on top of her head, with a floppy black bow on one side of her head.

“There are no rules against boots and that hairstyle,” Dallas argued smoothly. “If I remember correctly, there are no uniform rules.”

Mr Rhyne made a low noise in the back of his throat, and walked away. The two girls looked at each other and pursed their lips so they didn’t laugh while he was still in the vicinity and hurried off down the corridor.

“Anya – Dallas –” Frank sped round the corner and almost slammed into the two girls, appearing to be very breathless and panicked.

“Hey Franco. What’s up?” Anya asked, putting an arm around Frank’s shoulder. He shrugged her off.

“It’s Mikey and Gerard.”

“What about them.” Anya didn’t seem to care, but Dallas paid attention immediately.

“They’re – they’re fighting.”

“What?” Dallas exclaimed, her eyes widening as she came to a halt.

“They’re fighting. Like properly fighting... Bob tried to separate them but, so far...Rachael’s just stood on the sidelines pretending to look scared. Bob said I should find you two.”

“Oh good God.” Dallas leant a hand against a wall as she took her weight off one foot, struggling to remove her boots with one hand.

“What are you doing?” Frank frowned.

“I can’t run in these boots,” Dallas explained.

Frank shrugged then doubled over as Dallas chucked a boot at his stomach. The other boot soon followed it and Dallas was off, running in her black and white stripy socks as fast as she could. Anya set off after her, leaving Frank stood in the hallway holding Dallas’ boots.

Once in the yard, it was clear where the pair were; in the centre of a huge crowd of people. Dallas pushed her way through the throng of people to the centre where, to her dismay, she did indeed find Mikey and Gerard fighting while Bob looked a bit nervous at the sidelines and Rachael was barely concealing her smirk behind a manicured hand.

Dallas took a deep breath and waded in between the brothers, grabbing hold of their shirts and yanking them away from each other, but she found herself being pulled back by Anya. She shrugged away from Anya’s grip and put her hand on Mikey’s shirt again.

That was when one of his hands flung upwards and punched Dallas right in the eye, sending her crashing to the ground and causing a ripple of gasps to spread through the crowd of onlookers.