Every Mistake That I Make

Chapter Fifteen

Dallas squeezed her eyes shut. “Are you okay?”

Dallas didn’t answer. She left it for a few moments so when she did answer, it would be the truth. She was sat on the stony yard floor, hands clutched to one side of her face. Anya was trying to stand her up but she didn’t want to. All around her was noise – everyone was yelling at Mikey.

“Dallas –” Mikey’s voice. He was staring at her. He’d pushed past everyone and was bent down in front of her; his eyes looked...apologetic. “I’m sorry.”

Dallas shook her head and struggled to her feet, holding onto Anya for support. Anya was glaring at Mikey. Everyone was glaring at Mikey. Bob and Frank were only just holding Gerard back, but Bob and Frank looked like they wanted to hit him too. The only person who wasn’t glaring was Rachael and her friends. They were actually laughing.

“Oh yeah, I bet you all love this,” Dallas spat at the girls. “Just fuck off. This is nothing to do with you. In fact, this is nothing to do with any of you.”

“This involves Mikey and Gerard and no one else, not even me.” Dallas shook her head at the brothers. “You two are fucking childish and immature,” she said in a low voice, wrenching her arm away from Anya. “And you two need to get over it.”

She turned to walk away when she felt Mikey’s hand rest on her shoulder. “Get off me, Mikey,” Dallas sighed. “Get off me and leave me alone.”

“I –”

“I’m not listening.” Dallas picked up her boots where they were lying on the ground and walked away, ignoring anyone who was calling after her. She threw her boots over the railing around the schoolyard and climbed over the railing herself after them.

She was not staying in school after that performance.