Every Mistake That I Make

Chapter Eighteen

Mikey sat in silence on one of the itchy purple chairs in the family room of the hospital. In front of him, Dallas’ mother Ellen paced up and down the room, biting her nails; on the other side of the room, Dallas’ sister Kendra sat with her legs crossed and her arms folded, staring at the ceiling. Simon was wandering around the room, getting into mischief – well, as much as he could in the family room.

“Mummy, I wanna drink,” Simon suddenly began to whine, standing still. Ellen ignored him.

Mikey, trying to be helpful, reached out to pick Simon up. Simon really liked Mikey – Mikey would play soccer with him, while Gerard would draw him cartoons.

However, Kendra intercepted, standing up and scooping Simon into her arms in one swift movement, sending a glare in Mikey’s direction. Mikey looked at her, his eyebrows dipping into a frown. Kendra was a few inches shorter than Dallas, with hair that was a blonde-brown, wavier than Dallas’, but her eyes were the same piercing blue. They shared similar facial structure, but Kendra’s features were all smaller, more compact than Dallas’. He didn’t know Kendra very well, but he did know that the fierce look on her face was not one she usually wore.

He also knew she’d probably seen him hit Dallas.

“I’m going to take Simon to the café,” she said to her mother, not removing her eyes from Mikey’s.

“Okay,” Ellen replied absently. Kendra left the room, holding her brother in her arms.

“Mrs. McKenzie –” Mikey began, but then the family room’s door opened and a doctor came in. He made brief introductions then got straight to the point.

“Are you the young man that found her?” he asked.

Mikey nodded mutely.

“Can I ask if you know what she’d been drinking?”

Mikey thought back to the scene he’d found at Dallas’ house. He hadn’t been paying that much attention, he confessed to himself, but he wanted to help. “Uh – I think it was amaretto – I can’t remember the brand name –” the doctor cut me off.

“Thanks – that’s all I needed to know. Mrs. McKenzie, does your daughter have any nut allergies?”

Ellen nodded, her eyes widening. “She’s – she’s never had a bad reaction, though – she’s never collapsed before ...”

The doctor nodded. “We thought it might be an allergy. We just wanted to know what drink it was...” He thanked them and left the room. Mikey sat heavily down on a chair.

“What were you going to say, Mikey?” Ellen asked him, her eyes wandering to him. “You were saying something before he came in.”

“Oh – no, it doesn’t matter.”

“Are you sure?”

“Completely.” The door to the family room opened once more and Kendra entered, holding Simon’s hand and a bottle of juice.

“A doctor came in,” Ellen said softly. “It seems Dallas had an allergic reaction to amaretto. Her nut allergy and everything...”

“Will she be okay?”

“I think so,” Ellen said. She pulled her children towards her and hugged them tightly; that was when Mikey stood up, deciding it was best to leave the family to it. He was out of the door and down the corridors, near the lifts that would take him to the main entrance, when he heard Kendra shouting him.

“Mikey – Mikey, we can go and see her,” Kendra informed him breathlessly, but her eyes were dark, untrusting.

“I – I don’t know if she’ll want to see me.”

“Just come on.” She grabbed hold of his wrist and tugged him along the corridor.

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