Every Mistake That I Make

Chapter Six

As Dallas flopped down on her bed after arriving at home later that day, she knew two things:

1. She had to make Gerard realise what Rachael was up to.
2. She had to make Mikey realise that he couldn’t do that to Gerard.

The thing was, though, Dallas had never been one to interfere with something unless it affected her directly; so she rolled over onto her stomach and looked out of her bedroom window and all the rain sliding down it and considered how this would directly affect her.

But that wasn’t working as, quite simply, it didn’t affect Dallas directly. This was Mikey and Gerard’s problem, not hers, unless she made it her problem. She even considered picking up her phone and asking Anya for her advice, but she already knew what Anya would say. “Talk to Mikey! Tell him to not be an insensitive bastard...” she could hear the words in her head already and they hadn’t even been spoken yet.

Dallas couldn’t even do that. She was too scared of pushing Mikey away, and by doing that she’d lose Mikey as a potential boyfriend as well as one of her oldest friends.

What would Gerard do if she went to him about this? Dallas wondered.

He’d laugh. He’d brush it off. He’d tell Rachael. He wouldn’t listen.

Rachael would laugh. Rachael would brush it off. Rachael would tell her mates. Rachael would cause trouble for Dallas.

Dallas sighed heavily and sat up. She felt so confused. She didn’t want to see Gerard hurt, that was what she was telling herself, but deep down, she knew she didn’t want to see Mikey with Rachael. Not that she didn’t care about Gerard, she did, she cared for him a lot.

But if she saw Mikey with that stuck-up, plastic, fake, vain, selfish, self-centred, trouble-causing, materialistic bitch, she might kill herself, after she killed Mikey and Rachael (the latter in preferably the slowest, most painful way possible.)

But if Rachael hurt Gerard then, once more, she would be forced to do something she later regretted; such as killing Rachael in the slowest, most painful way possible.

And if both of those happened...

Good God. Dallas would be in prison for a long time. Well, no, she wouldn’t, because she’d have killed herself.

Dallas let out a frustrated scream and balled her hands into fists. Since when did things get so confusing? She’d been quite happy a few days before when she was no nearer to kissing Mikey than she was becoming the Queen of England but she was quite content with being one of the most important women in Mikey’s life without being his girlfriend. And now that was all ruined because Mikey had noticed he really, really fancied Rachael and she was suddenly more important than Dallas, thus making Dallas’ life more difficult than she could ever remember it being.

Dallas had two choices, she reminded herself; two ways of stopping Gerard from being hurt and Mikey from ending up with Rachael.

One was to talk to Gerard.

That wouldn’t work. Gerard wouldn’t listen and, even if he did, he’d still end up hurt and Mikey would still go to Gerard.

The second was to talk to Mikey.

Could just possibly work, if she could remind Mikey of how much it’d hurt Gerard; but still, it was very unlikely she could dissuade Mikey from doing anything stupid considering how stubborn he was.

There was a third option, to talk to Rachael. She dismissed that idea with a huge shudder.

Dallas then decided with a huge sigh that sometimes, it was best to just let things run their course and to not get involved unless absolutely necessary.