Every Mistake That I Make

Chapter Seven

Mikey stalked past his brother on his way into the kitchen. Not even a hello was shared between the brothers; both were giving the other the silent treatment and neither wanted to be the first to break that silence.

But that night in particular, that wasn’t the main reason why Mikey didn’t speak to his brother. He was preoccupied with something else that was getting to him.

That thing was his best friend Dallas McKenzie.

As he poured himself a drink of orange juice and began to make a sandwich, he pondered over his argument with Dallas earlier that day.

He’d felt...oddly...happy when he heard of Rachael’s plans, but wasn’t sure where the happiness came from, as he’d never even looked at Rachael like that before today. Well, maybe he had a few times but, not really.

Then there were Dallas’ words ringing in his mind, telling him how he just couldn’t do that to Gerard. Well, he could, and he would, Mikey thought bitterly. Even if his fling with Rachael only lasted for a day, he was going to do that to Gerard.

But then there was the look that Dallas had given him as he walked away.

Yes, yes I know! I just don’t see why – or what the point is – any pain that Rachael would...Mikey, I was expecting you to be with me on this! I thought you were going to help me tell Gerard... Michael! Were you even listening to anything I said?

The sharp, intense pain that he’d heard screamed in those words had hit him really hard, something he’d not wanted to show. He’d heard the confusion that was in them and he heard how badly Dallas just wanted someone to help her.

And it was really bugging him now. Dallas was his friend. She was a great friend. But now...he’d just made her mad. He’d upset her. And in some ways, he found that possibility of upsetting Dallas worse than hurting his own brother.

Mikey knew that if he wanted to be friends with Dallas again, all he had to do was ignore Rachael, make friends with Gerard again and split Rachael and Gerard up. That was it. Dallas would be his friend again. That he’d love, having her back as his friend. But if he lost his only chance of hurting Gerard...

The thing was though, Mikey wasn’t sure if he wanted to lose that chance.