Every Mistake That I Make

Chapter Eight

It was a few days later. Dallas had resumed speaking to Mikey again; they didn’t talk as often as they used to but she knew it was better than nothing.

Then it came round to Gerard’s birthday, and he was throwing a party. Of course, Dallas was invited, as was Rachael. Mikey would obviously be there...And that was what Dallas was concerned about. Rachael and Mikey in the same house and one that’s big enough for Rachael to shake off Gerard and not go back to him for the rest of the party.

So, Dallas made a decision. It was one that took her a long time to reach, after reminding herself of what she’d already thought on the subject, but she decided it and when Dallas made a decision, she stuck to it.

She was going to talk to Gerard.


On the day of the party, she got ready earlier than she planned to, even turning down offers to get ready at Anya’s house, something she’d normally agree to immediately.

At her own house, she dressed in the outfit that she’d selected with the help of Anya a few days earlier. Her outfit consisted of a bright red, satin dress, and some black footless tights underneath and some black ballet slippers that laced up her legs. She curled her hair and put some make up on, before deciding she was ready to go and requesting a lift to Gerard’s from her mother.

“Hi – Oh! Hi Dallas!” Gerard exclaimed as he opened the door. “I wasn’t expecting anyone until later...”

“Oh, I know. But my mum has to go out, so I thought I could come over earlier and help you set up...?”

“Sure.” Gerard stood aside so Dallas could enter. Mikey was stood at the top of the stairs, already having said, “Who’s at the door?”

“Oh,” he muttered when he saw Dallas stood there.

Dallas bit her lip and turned away from Mikey. “Gerard, can I talk to you?” she requested.

“Um...sure...don’t you want to say hello to –”

“No,” Dallas interrupted. “I want to talk to you first.”

Mikey clearly heard what she said because in a flash he was by her side, enveloping her in a hug and muttering in her ear, “don’t you dare, Dallas.”

She pulled away from him.

“Um. Well, if you want to talk to me...come through to the kitchen – Mikey, could you get some of the albums ready and...Is Mum done in the bathroom...” Gerard left the hallway distractedly. Dallas went to follow and Mikey grabbed her wrist.

“Dallas, I don’t know what you’re up to, but...” he hissed. Dallas wrenched her arm away from his grip.

“I’m going to talk to Gerard,” she told him in a low voice and followed Gerard.

In the kitchen, Gerard began to pour her a drink of orange juice. She accepted it, but made no attempt in drinking it.

“Gerard, I...I came to talk to you about Mikey.”

“If it’s about us arguing, don’t. We’ve made up.”

“Well, it’s not about that...It’s about Mikey and...Rachael,” Dallas began.

“What? What about them?”

“Um...Well...I – I wouldn’t – I wouldn’t leave them alone together tonight,” Dallas pressed.

“What d’you mean?” Gerard inquired.


“Look, they have their differences, but they’re hardly going to kill each other,” Gerard said playfully.

“Yes. I know. I’m not worried about that! Don’t be stupid. I know they’re not going to kill each other...” she struggled with what to say. “I think they’re...well, Mikey more so...”

“Get on with it.”

“I think that Mikey’s going to make a pass at Rachael sometime tonight and I don’t think Rachael’s going to push him off.”

Gerard was silent. Then, he spoke.

“I don’t...what?”

“Look...I’ve been talking to Mikey and...”

“Don’t be silly. Mikey wouldn’t do that and neither would Rachael.” Gerard looked angry now. “Are you trying to cause trouble?”

“No, I –”

“Dallas, I don’t know who you’ve been talking to, but it’s clearly someone spouting a load of shit.”

“I didn’t hear it from some random guy –”

“Anya? Did you hear this from Anya? Look, she’s a nice girl, I know that, but –”

“No! I did not hear it from Anya!”

“Frank? Bob? Ray?”

“No! None of them!”

“I heard Rachael telling her friends about how she was after Mikey in the toilets,” Dallas burst out. “And Mikey told me himself he’s going after her!”

Gerard was silent. Any trace of anger was wiped off his face to be replaced with one of no emotion at all.


“Mmm.” His eyes were unfocused. “I’d better go and get changed...”

He began to walk out of the kitchen. Dallas tried to grab hold of his arm. “Gerard –” He ignored her and walked out of the kitchen.

Dallas sat on one of the kitchen chairs and pressed her face into her hands.

“Now look what you’ve done.” She looked up to see Mikey glaring at her from the doorway.

Dallas ignored him.

That was one of the worst decisions she’d ever made.