Joe was supposed to be a dream boyfriend.
Michelle was supposed to be helping Anny sort things out.
Kevin was supposed to be helping Joe see clearer.

When Joe and Anny find the relationship they fought so hard to put together falling apart, Kevin and Nick take it upon themseleves to make it better. They decide to start by calling on Anny's best friend back home for extra help, but that just seems to cause trouble more obstacles for themseleves.

Hey! It's Michelle (DearJanuary) and Anny (TokioJonas_x) writing a story together for the first time, so stay tuned and let us know what you think because your comments are as wonderful as The Jonas Brothers would look Latin dancing.

Thanks. Enjoy.
  1. Keep The Boyfriend Close & The Girlfriend Closer
    "Now, now, I have a feeling Joe has a much better ass than I do."
  2. Days Of the Old
  3. And You Don't Know Who To Blame
    "Do you want to rock, paper, scissors it for Joe?"
  4. Slap You In The Mouth, Take It Like It's Yours
    "The twenty-four hour movie theatre closed two hours ago!"
  5. You're Not Sorry, You're Just Playing Games
    “Well as long as your under the roof of this bus, I get to make the rules!”
  6. Try Honesty
    "My eyes aren’t googly!"
  7. Everything I Asked For
    “You should’ve thought of that before you cheated on her, genius!”