Everything I Asked For

Getting out of the black Altima that belonged to Garbo, Nick thanked his pal and made his way onto the bus. He was glad to be free of the lovebird’s death trap. He didn't mind seeing his brother happy for once. It actually made him glad that for once, someone knew how to value Kevin for who he truly was. Danielle was a close friend to Kevin, but that's about it. Period.

The first few steps onto the bus surprised Nick. It was quiet, too quiet for there to be two crazy people on the bus who argued over everything. As he walked deeper into the bus, he saw that there was nobody inside. That's when it hit him, Michelle had locked the fighting couple inside the closet.

"Are you guys still in here?" Nick questioned as he knocked softly on the fake wood door.

"Nick! Open this door, now!" Anny exclaimed as she let herself fall onto the door. Nick didn't think twice on opening the door. The sound of her voice sounded like if she were in pain. Something he was afraid of.

"Are you okay?" Nick questioned as he opened the door and Anny fell into his arms. He didn't do much, but just hold her in an embracing hug. Meanwhile, Joe walked out of the closet slouching and went into the small living area on the back of the bus. Anny walked out of Nick's arms and went over to her bunk. A place where she knew nobody would bother her at the moment, or so she thought.

"Kevin, put me down!" Michelle laughed as she tried to get off of Kevin's back. Their entire way back from Starbucks, Kevin didn't let Michelle of his back. The smile on his face, was like those of a little boy getting a slice of chocolate cake.

"Alright, I'll put you down now," he laughed as Michelle placed both her feet onto the floor of the bus. She gently punched his arm and continued laughing. Both kids walked deeper into the bus and noticed that once again, it was quiet. You could swear, that the sound of a feather hitting the floor could be heard. Michelle walked deeper into the bus until she got to the closet where she had locked both Joe and Anny in. It was empty.

"I let them out," Nick informed her as he walked out of the tiny bathroom that was built into the bus. Wiping his wet hands on the hem of his shirt, he grabbed his Blackberry phone and took a seat on the built in couch that was in the bus.

Michelle raised an eyebrow and followed Nick to where he was. "Why is that? They're supposed to work out their problems."

"Something happened, I have no clue what," he paused sighing deeply, "Anny was crying when I let her out, something bad went on, and I don't know what."

Kevin, who was listening to the conversation, his eyes bugged open and got an idea of what Nick was talking about. He didn't know exactly what had been said, but he could sure get an idea of what might've happened. "Where is he?"

Nick tilted his head to his right and signaled Kevin to where the bunks were. Kevin shook his head and excused himself from Michelle, including Nick who followed close behind him. Michelle sighed and quickly went to find her friend to see if she was okay.

Kevin walked to where Joe was lying on his bunk with his headphones blasting in his ears. As soon as he reached his younger brothers bunk, he yanked out the headphones out of his ears and looked him straight in the eyes. "What in the world did you fucking do, Joe?"

The furiousness in Kevin's eyes was noticeable. His face turned to a dark shade of red, he wasn't happy with Joe at the moment. He was actually close to Anny, both of them had many things in common, but only saw one another like friends only. She was the one he could count on to talk about his girl problems, because for sure, Joe would just give him lame advice. While Nick on the other hand, would just be too serious about things. That’s why he felt so protective of her at the moment.

“It doesn’t matter,” Joe replied while turning over on his side.

“Yes it does, you hurt her Joe! What in heavens did you do for her to get like she did?” Kevin asked furiously. No answer. Nick looked over at Kevin, while Joe looked at both of his brothers and sighed shaking his head.

“Joe, just spill dude. We need to know what went on,” this time Nick decided to interfere. Knowing that Kevin wasn’t going to get anything out of Joe with that kind of attitude.

The middle one of the three sat up in his bed and then lead both boys out of the bus. “Let’s go to Starbucks, I’ll tell you guys what happened there.”

The three boys grabbed their jackets and walked out of the bus. Sooner than later, Joe’s brothers would find out of what really went on that special after party they had for their fans, who had won passes to join the party.

Joe’s Point of View
The loud noise of the music blasting from the speakers deafened my hearing. All three of us had walked into the ballroom together, yet somehow everyone dispersed. I was standing by the wall just listening to the music, since that is all I could really hear at the moment. Nothing really seemed to make me enjoy the night. I could only think on the fight me and Anny had yesterday. It was all like lightning, I didn’t quite knew what really went on, and what was said.

“Dear Jesus, you’re Joe Jonas!” a blonde girl around 5’6 came up to me super excited. She had these blue eyes that stood out, but couldn’t really get my attention.

“Hey,” was all I needed to say.

“I’m Tanzi, um this is my friend Ava,” she introduced herself and her brunette friend. Her friend quickly called my attention, she looked so familiar. Her dark brown eyes and body figure reminded me of the person who I loved the most… Anny.

“Nice to meet you two, I hope you are enjoying yourselves?”

“Do you know where Nick is at?” Tanzi questioned as she looked around. I nodded and pointed towards where the chocolate fountain was. More than surely, Nick was already there dipping strawberries into the falling, melting chocolate.

I was there with Ava, alone. Without thinking twice, I asked the girl to dance. She said yes, right away. The music took over our bodies and we began to dance non-stop. We talked about many things, which surprisingly had a lot in common. Sooner than later, she had lead me into an empty room with only a couch. Her hands were running through my hair as mine would just rest on her hips. Her lips were roaming all over my neck and to my lips. My hormones were running, and they weren’t going to stop there. Her fingers began to un-button my shirt, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Everything hit me there, I couldn’t do this. I could not cheat on my girlfriend who I had been dating for almost half a year now. I couldn’t.

“I can’t sorry,” I said getting out of her way and grabbing my shirt that was on the floor.

“Joe, please!, all I need is you… I won’t say anything at all,” she said as she rubbed my shoulders and began to kiss my neck again. I wasn’t going to give in, so I just stormed out the room.

End of Flashback


“Boys are jerks, they aren’t worth it, sweetie,” Michelle comforted Anny. The younger girl laid her head on her friends lap as she stroked her hair. They knew exactly how to comfort one another when something bad had happened, or when they most needed it.

“Why would he do that, though? Where did I go wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, he’s just an ass, period,” the older of the two girls sighed as she still combed her fingers through her friends hair. Of course she was going to say that boys were jerks and asses, anything to comfort her friend at the moment.

“Mich, I don’t think I can go on with the rest of this tour.” Anny sighed sitting up on the bunk.

“Don’t give up hun, don’t show him that you are afraid… that’s just going to make him feel like he has won the battle. Be strong and stand up to him. Tonight, if you want, we can go rent a hotel room and stay there so you won’t have to bump into any of them.”

“Please and thank you, Mich.” She answered with a smile on her lips.

“No problem, anything for you, love.”

Now more than ever, everyone could definitely feel the tension in the bus. The feeling that was felt wasn’t all so great, it was more like a heavy pressure on your shoulders. There was no conversation flowing between both girls, so the silence took over for a couple of minutes.

“So how are things with you and Kevin?” Anny questioned as she pulled her hair up in bun and leaning back on the wall of the bunk.

Michelle looked at her friend with a sweet smile on her face, but in the back of her mind was something else that made her not so sure about what she felt for the boy. “He’s sweet, we get along great.”

“You guys look so cute together, you remind me of what I used to have with…” she couldn’t say his name, “you know who.”

“Yeah, but hey… let’s change the conversation. Where shall we stay tonight?”


Joe was sitting down on the hard sofa on the back of the bus with both of his brothers in shock of what he had just told him. Both Kevin and Nick were with their mouths wide open. Was this their brother that had done such thing? Who was she?

“I can’t believe you would do such thing, Joe!” Kevin groaned shaking his head from side to side and then rubbing his forehead. He knew his brother very well, but he didn’t know that Joe would actually do such thing to one of his girlfriends. In one part, Kevin was glad that Anny wasn’t an actress or singer to where she would write an entire movie or song about what Joe had just done to her.

“Dude, I’m in total shock right now. I thought you wouldn’t do that, especially after what mom and dad have taught us!” Nick, the youngest of the three in the room paced back and forth in front of both older boys. Kevin and Joe were Nick’s older brothers and the persons he looked up to.

“I know! Ugh, I realize I fucked up… big time. I didn’t mean any of it. I didn’t want to be with that girl!” Joe paused shutting his eyes and throwing himself back on the sofa. “All the time I was with the chick, Anny was in my mind. Why do you think I didn’t do it? I love Anny, Kevin! I don’t want to loose her… she’s been there for me in the good and bad times.”

“You should’ve thought of that before you cheated on her, genius!” Nick snapped at Joe while he took a seat.

“I was going to! Something… something that girl did really caught me off guard. Also the fact that Anny and I had just gotten in a fight made matters worse.”

“Okay, so have you cheated on her more than once? I mean you guys get into so many fights and you’re always the one who walks out, explain that.” Kevin pointed out this time, furious at his brother.

“No! That one time was the first and only time I ever cheated on her. The first time I ever cheat on a girlfriend to be exact.” Joe explained frustrated at having to explain things. He actually wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t done such thing in the first place.

“Do you love her?” Nick simply questioned his brother. “It’s a simple yes or no answer.”

“Yes, I do love her, Nick.” Joe looked at Nick with a pleading look on his face.

“Alright, go in there and tell her you love her. Prove it to her that you mean it,” Nick advised his brother while looking at him straight in the eyes. Nick knew that no matter what, Joe would have to prove to Anny that he still loved her, more than anything.

“You’re right, I have to fight for her love.”

“Now wait up, let me go make sure she’s there. Michelle always takes her somewhere when something happens.” Nick smiled getting up from where he was sitting and walked out of the room. He walked over to the bunk that belonged to Anny and didn’t see anyone there.

“Hey Nick, I’ll just go-” Nick placed his hand back and stopped Joe from saying anything more. Joe looked at his brother confused and the looked over to where Nick was looking. Michelle and Anny both stood there talking to Mr. and Mrs. Jonas with their luggage in hand. Not much could be heard, but Joe made out what they had said.

“Are you sure you guys don’t want to stay on the bus tonight?” Mr. Jonas questioned both girls, trying to convince them to stay on the bus. Yet, they didn’t know about what had gone on in the bus.

“We’re sure, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, we want to spend some girl time together.” Anny answered placing a fake smile on her face. Trying hard not to sound hurt.

“It’ll be much cheaper if you stay here, we don’t want you girls spending your money on hotel rooms.” Mrs. Jonas commented. Yet, neither girls were going to give into what they were saying.

“It’s fine, my parent’s should be depositing money into my credit card this weekend, we’re fine… really.” Michelle reassured both adults, still not convinced that the girls should rent a hotel room for just one night.

“Alright then, but make sure to call us first thing in the morning. Mr. Jonas here made reservations for all nine of us at the China Pavilion Buffet for tomorrow before noon.” The girls nodded and listened to all the rules Mr. and Mrs. Jonas had to give.

After listening to everything they had to say, the girls walked off the bus with their things in hand and walked towards the Marriott hotel that was close by. Mr. and Mrs. Jonas had walked out with Big Rob to get something from a van that had many of their belongings. Once Joe saw that the coast was clear, he ran to the entrance of the bus and walked off. He looked both ways and saw both, Michelle and Anny walking towards the hotel. Without thinking any further, he ran to where they were heading.

“Anny!” he yelled to catch her attention. She froze dead in her tracks and looked back. There she saw Joe standing waving his hands in the hair. He caught up to her out of breath with his chest pumping from all the running.

“What?” she questioned in an angry tone of voice. She was still pissed off over what she had just found out.

“I love you,” he admitted as he placed his hands on her shoulders and looked deep into her dark brown eyes, “I always have and always will.”

Like always, she felt that butterfly feeling in her stomach every time he looked her in the eyes with his hazel-topaz eyes. It was an unexplainable feeling, where she was about to fall for him, but something inside of her stopped that. “Cut the crap.”

Michelle’s eyes flew open along with Joe’s as she heard her best friend say those words. Anny shrugged her shoulders and removed Joe’s hands from her shoulders. Without saying another word, she spun around on her heel and walked off. Michelle mouthed the words, later to him and he just sighed as he fug his hands deep into his pockets and walked back to the bus.
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